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About the University of Delaware and

University of Delaware Figure Skating Club

The University of Delaware Figure Skating Club

The University of Delaware Figure Skating Club (UDFSC) is the host club for the 2010 Eastern Sectionals. The Club was chartered as a US Figure Skating member club in 1986. The UDFSC boasts over 400 members and is one of the larger figure skating clubs in the United States. UDFSC is closely associated with the University of Delaware training center, but the club is a private, nonprofit organization that is not part of the University of Delaware.

The University of Delaware and its Figure Skating programs

The University of Delaware has a heritage as a small, private academy dating back to 1743. Today, Delaware's flagship university is widely respected for its research and instruction, with nearly 20,000 students in over 200 undergraduate and graduate programs. For the last 25 years, UD's Ice Arenas and Ice Skating Science Development Center under the directorship of Ron Ludington have made UD uniquely interesting to the figure skating world for incorporating a world-class center of training in figure skating with the range of a university. The training center offers coaching and instruction to UD students as well as to skaters of all ages who are not enrolled in any regular UD programs. If the potential to attend a top-quality university while also getting serious figure-skating time appeals to anyone in your family, check out the UD Visitor's Center site. Tours are offered Monday through Saturday.

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