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Dining in Newark

In the competition venue

The Fred Rust Arena features the Figure Ate snack bar, with hot dogs, pre-made sandwiches, good coffee, and other snacks and ice-cream treats.

Near the competition hotels

The Embassy Suites, the Homewood Suites, and the Sleep Inn all offer complimentary breakfasts. The Embasssy Suites contains a TGI Fridays (650 South College Avenue, 302-737-0500) within the building. Both Embassy Suites and Homewood Suites include a light dinner as a complimentary item as well.

South of the competition hotels along South College Avenue

Matilda's, 801 South College Avenue, 302-737-4800

McDonalds, 815 South College Avenue, 302-738-7857

Dunkin Donuts, 1002 South College Avenue, 302-369-6447

Mario's Pizza, 1011 South College Avenue, 302-456-3344

China Garden, 1015 South College Avenue, 302-737-9986

Boston Market, 1050 South College Avenue, 302-369-3389

Friendly's, 1115 South College Avenue, 302-368-8911

Newark Main Street area

Newark is a college town, with many restaurants concentrated along Main Street. Main Street is one-way heading west, so a driving survey of restaurants can start just above the Newark Shopping Center and proceed out to the Suburban plaza.

From the competition hotels or the ice arenas, head north along South College Avenue, passing over the Amtrak railroad line into the old residential area of Newark. After a few blocks of University of Delaware buildings, turn right on Delaware Avenue (the one-way east-bound counterpart to Main Street). Follow Delaware Avenue through the University of Delaware until it does a right-swerve to left-swerve pair of turns. Immediately after the left-swerve is a stop-light at Tyre Avenue. Turn left there and go through the residential area to Main Street, at which you turn left to go west.

Before Newark Shopping Center

East End Cafe, 270 East Main Street, 302-738-0880 (more bar than cafe)

In Newark Shopping Center (on the right side of Main Street)

Wings C R, 612 Newark Shopping Center, 302-456-9464

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, 614 Newark Shopping Center. 302-454-0200

No 1 Chinese Restaurant, 616 Newark Shopping Center, 302-731-8411

Saigon Vietnam Restaurant, 207 Newark Shopping Center, 302-737-1590

Adria, 230 East Main Street # 99, 302-266-6311 (Light mediterranean)

Mayflower Japanese (only sushi in town), 230 East Main Street, 302-292-1850

East Main Street (odd numbers on left, even numbers on right)

Seasons Pizza, 203 East Main Street, 302-368-1515 (a sponsor of Eastern Sectionals!)

Santa Fe Mexican Grill, 190 East Main Street, 302-369-2500

Sinclairs Cafe. 177 East Main Street, 302-368-7755 (NewarkÕs favorite breakfast)

Ali Baba Middle Eastern Restaurant, 175 East Main Street, 302-738-1111

Quiznos Subs, 170 East Main Street, 302-456-1184

Cold Stone Creamery, 168 East Main Street, 302-731-1746

Klondike Kate's, 158 East Main Street, 302-737-6100 (crowded with students early)

Subway, 165 E. Main Street, 302-738-2990

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, 147 E Main St Newark, 302-266-9000 (our only brewpub, but emphasis is on food)

Post-House, 145 East Main Street, 302-368-3459

Starbucks, 141 East Main Street, 302-454-8810

Panera Bread, 140 East Main Street, 302-292-8960 (food donor to Eastern Sectionals)

Margherita's Pizza, 134 East Main Street, 302-368-4611 (NewarkÕs oldest pizza spot – traditional)

Cluck-U Chicken, 132 East Main Street, 302-368-1400

D.P. Dough, 127 East Main Street, 302-868-8878

Home Grown Cafe & Gourmet to Go, 126 East Main Street, 302-266-6993 (emphasizes locally grown food)

The Stone Balloon Wine House, 115 East Main Street, 302-266-8111 (NewarkÕs newest fine dining, entrees mostly over $20)

Cosi, 111 East Main Street, 302-737-6665

Caffe Gelato Restaurant, 90 East Main Street, 302-738-5811 (gelato made on premises!)

Cucina Di Napoli , 76 East Main Street, 302-738-0373 (food donor to Eastern Sectionals)

Brewed Awakenings, 64 East Main Street, 302-224-1302 (fair trade coffee)

California Tortilla, 55 East Main Street, 302-292-2910

Dunkin Donuts-Baskin Robbins, 51 East Main Street, 302-738-6732

Kildare's Irish Pub, 45 East Main Street, 302-224-9330

Lettuce Feed You, 45 East Main Street, 302-369-3010

Grotto Pizza, 45 East Main Street, 302-369-2200 (regional chain – game room)

Brew Ha Ha, 45 E Main St Newark, 302-369-2600 (regional coffee chain)

Peace a Pizza, 44 East Main Street, 302-737-6766 (many veggie and white pizza options)

Central Perk, 42 East Main Street, 302-738-5282 (real Turkish coffee – who needs to sleep anyway?)

Newark Deli & Bagels, 36 East Main Street, 302-266-7150

Stoplights at South College Avenue mark the change from East Main to West Main.

North a block on North College Avenue

La Tonalteca, 60 North College Avenue, 302-737-8220 (Mexican)

West Main Street

Trabant Student Center, 17 West Main Street – contains a large, diverse food court and also:

Vita Nova, 17 West Main Street (operated by students in UD's professional restaurant management program, limited hours, reservations essential), 302-831-0500

Deer Park Tavern, 108 West Main Street, 302-369-9414 (A Newark landmark)

Immediately after the Deer Park, turn left to follow Elkton Road for more restaurants and a return to the Ice Arenas and the main competition Hotels. If you're done with Main Street, swerve left after the split to return to Delaware Avenue, which will take you back to South College Avenue, on which a right turn will point you back to the ice arenas and competition hotels. Otherwise, move into the right lane (yield to traffic coming from the right) and proceed down Elkton Road for a few more options.

If you're staying at the Marriot Courtyard, turn right off of Main Street immediately after the Deer Park to get back to your hotel.

Elkton Road

Buffalo Wild Wings, 100 Elkton Road, 302-731-3145

Pizza Hut, 121 Elkton Road, 302-292-0852

Eagle Diner Restaurant, 136 Elkton Road # A, 302-369-8600

Pat's Pizzeria, 160 Elkton Road, 302-738-0808 (sports bar)

Park Deli, 259 Elkton Road, 302-368-0149

Suburban Plaza (on the right)

Starbucks, 100 Suburban Drive (inside the Acme), 302-453-2330

Amalfi Pizzeria and Italian Grill, 208 Suburban Drive, 302-738-5950

Blue Crab Grill, 322 Suburban Drive, 302-737-1100 (high-end seafood)

Joy Garden Chinese Restaurant, 334 Suburban Drive, 302-368-2275

Baglemania, 416 Suburban Drive, 302-369-1950

Applebees, 630 Suburban Drive, 302-738-7230

Leaving Suburban Plaza, you can cross Elkton Road to follow Christina Parkway past the former Chrysler plant to South College Avenue – turn left on South College to return to the ice arenas and competition hotels.


Do not park in customer-only parking lots along Main Street and expect to walk elsewhere for a quick bite. Many have very aggressive tow-away policies. Do use the City of Newark parking lots. Many of the Main Street merchants will validate some or all of your parking ticket if you bring it in and spend some money.

Family Issues

Delaware's restaurants and bars became completely smoke-free in 2002. At that time, many of Newark's alcohol-serving establishments examined their business models and developed a stronger emphasis on food. The City of Newark and the University of Delaware both encouraged this trend, demanding a high percentage of food-service revenue as a requirement for maintaining a liquor license.

Therefore, we can confidently say that Newark's alcohol-serving establishments are generally family-friendly during the day and through dinner time into the early evening, welcoming parent-accompanied minors and turning nobody away whose preferences are non-alcoholic beverages with their meals. Because of our college-town clientele, many of these establishments feature very good dining at low prices. In addition, Newark has no bars or restaurants featuring "exotic" entertainment or employing servers in inappropriate costumes for younger patrons.

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