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Secure UD News: June 2016

Secure UD is the University of Delaware's comprehensive, community-oriented information security initiative. It encompasses requirements and guidelines for protecting the University and its community as well as training and general awareness about information security.


New website

Visit the new IT Security website for information about the Secure UD Initiative and how it can help you and your information stay safe both on and off campus. This valuable resource provides you with important security information and recommendations chosen specifically for the UD community.

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Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is a simple way to protect your UDelNet account and the information it contains. Using 2FA helps block unauthorized access to your account by adding an extra layer of security to the traditional username-and-password login process. It helps ensure that your account can't be misused by hackers and phishers. Every member of the University community is encouraged to enable 2FA for their own protection. As of early June, over 3,000 faculty staff, and students have signed up for 2FA.

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Changes to UD Virtual Private Network (VPN) service

On June 15, the University will require that people use 2FA when using Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to remotely access IT resources. Additionally, on June 15, faculty, staff, and students who log in to Copland or Strauss from off campus will be required to use a VPN connection.

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New UDelNet password requirements

In April, the University strengthened the requirements for new UDelNet passwords. New passwords must now contain a minimum of 12 characters and include at least three kinds of characters (lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numerals, and/or special characters and punctuation). In addition, UD now checks for passwords like "BlueHens2020," which technically meet the length and character requirements but are too obvious at the University of Delaware. Beginning in November 2016, the University will also begin requiring that passwords be changed every 15 months.

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Secure UD Training

The Secure UD Training program is a modular, online, self-paced, comprehensive training program that addresses topical issues in information security. This year, Secure UD Training is being released in phases (one each in January, April, and September) to help reinforce security topics throughout the year. Employees are encouraged to complete each phase of training as it becomes available. Training materials are designed for employees of all levels—novice and experienced users will benefit from the program.

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PIN Retirement

In order to provide greater security for your UDelNet account, PINs are being phased out in favor of more secure passwords. If you haven't done so already, complete the PIN retirement process to further protect your
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Secure UD Threat Alerts

The Secure UD Threat Alerts blog provides bulletins about information security threats, such as phishing scams, that affect the University community.

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