Getting started with two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a simple but powerful way to safeguard your UDelNet account and all the online information in your care.

In order to log in to a University service with a 2FA-enabled account, you enter your UDelNet ID and password and a unique, temporary security code. Currently, the University's CAS and VPN services support 2FA.

Click the headings below to learn how to set up, manage, and connect using UD's 2FA service.

Register for 2FA

  1. Go to My UD Settings to register for 2FA.
  2. Select a primary method for receiving your two-factor authentication code. Google Authenticator is the recommended method of receiving your 2FA code.
    (Read the Google Authenticator help file.)
  3. Follow the rest of the screen prompts in My UD Settings, including providing backup phone numbers and printing out emergency single-use codes.
    Make sure you provide back-up phone numbers in case your primary method of receiving 2FA codes is not available.
  4. Click Finish and Submit.
  5. You will receive an email notification that you have enabled 2FA.

Manage 2FA

  1. Go to My UD Settings to manage your 2FA settings.
  2. Follow the screen prompts to change the way your 2FA code is delivered to you, change your back-up phone numbers, or get a new list of scratch codes.
  3. When you are done making changes, click Finish and Submit.
  4. The changes you make to your 2FA settings will take effect immediately.

Connect securely with 2FA

When you log in using 2FA, you follow the login steps you are used to, but also provide the one-time 2FA code for added security.

Logging in with CAS

When logging in to a service such as My UD Business, Webforms, or UDSIS, you are used to seeing the CAS login screen. Once 2FA is enabled, you will see a second screen on which you will provide your 2FA code.

If you choose to check the box next to Remember this browser, you will not be prompted for a 2FA code for several days when using the computer and browser you used to log in.
CAS 2FA screen

If your primary method of receiving a 2FA code is not available, click Don't have your default device? and select the alternative method of receiving your 2FA code as shown below.
Don't have your default device?
In this example, when the person clicks Send code, his or her office phone will receive a call with the 2FA code.

Using 2FA and VPN

Using UD's VPN service, you'll select the UDEL-VPN-OATH group and provide a second password.
Read the VPN help pages.

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