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Secure UD Training

Secure UD Training

If you're experiencing interruptions in training, try launching training in an up-to-date version of Google Chrome. If you need assistance installing or updating Google Chrome on your work computer, contact the IT Support Center.

Our community and our University are targeted by hackers every day. Cybercriminals are looking for any way to get at our systems, research data, intellectual property, and personal information. Our collective security depends on our individual actions; each of us has the power to protect ourselves, each other, and our institution from cyberattack.

Secure UD Training is a security awareness resource for University employees. It empowers employees by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves, our community, and our University from cyber risks. Its modular, online, self-paced design makes it easy to complete during lunches or between emails, and the skills it cultivates are applicable throughout your life, whether at home, in the office, or abroad.

Secure UD Training has been updated and improved for 2019. This year, training will be released in one phase from March through the summer term.

2019 Secure UD Training will include a core curriculum of roughly 10 featured modules (approximately 30 minutes in total duration) plus access to our more extensive training library, including resources to help you secure your family and home.

Emails about Secure UD Training will be sent on behalf of secadmin@udel.edu, the official email address of Secure UD. This is a change from previous years. If you don't see your training emails, check your junk or spam folder. Remember, you can always log in to training through this page; if you're not sure about the information in a training email, you can come here to log in and verify your training status.

If you aren't currently enrolled in Secure UD Training and would like to be, send email to Secure UD at secadmin@udel.edu to get access!

Join us in committing to a secure UD; complete your training today!

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Secure UD Training help

For more information about Secure UD Training works and how you can get the most out it, read the information below.

Logging in

Secure UD Training is accessed through your Learner Dashboard hosted at learn.sans.org. A link to your Learner Dashboard is always available from this webpage.

Secure UD Training uses the University of Delaware's Central Authentication Service. Sign in to Secure UD Training using your UDelNet ID and password, plus your two-factor authentication (2FA) code.

Your Learner Dashboard

Your Learner Dashboard provides you with a personalized center for viewing and completing training modules, receiving messages about training, and accessing other security resources. Secure UD Training is hosted at learn.sans.org.

Remember to log out of your Learner Dashboard when you are finished with your current training session.

Training phases

Secure UD Training is released in two phases throughout the year. This approach helps organize training into more convenient chunks. Each phase consists of

  • a core curriculum of featured training modules
  • access to our extended training library, which includes optional lessons and activities.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to complete each phase of training as it becomes available.

If you missed a phase of this year's training, you can request extended access to that phase by emailing Secure UD at secadmin@udel.edu.

Training modules

Secure UD Training is modular and self-paced. Each training module consists of a video and a brief quiz or activity. Some modules may recommend other security resources. Enrolled employees are assigned a set of core modules that cover topics relevant to a broad range of University information security needs. You'll have access to our extended library of optional training modules, and you can complete any that interest you.

Because Secure UD Training is modular, you may pause training at any time and resume later. You may also take your training modules in any order you wish.

To resume training, log in to your Learner Dashboard and select a training module.

Each training module includes a brief 2-5 minute video that focuses on a topic in computer and information security. Training modules may also include

  • quiz questions to review key ideas
  • interactive exercises to help you practice your security skills
  • additional resources that provide more information about the topic.

Compliance-based training

Some unit heads may require their employees to complete certain training modules based on their job responsibilities. For example, employees working with Protected Health Information (PHI) subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are required to complete the HIPAA training module.

Your unit head will let you know about any specialized training requirements in your unit.

You may also choose to complete optional training modules that you feel will help you be more effective in your role.

Completing training and getting your certificate

In order to complete a phase of training, you need to complete each required training module. Your Learner Dashboard will indicate the modules you've completed so far by marking them with a green checkmark. You can rewatch completed modules if you like, but you only need to complete them once.

When you complete a phase of training, you'll receive a notice and a completion certificate documenting your commitment to awareness and to our community's security. You can save your completion certificate by clicking on the badge icon in your Learner Dashboard.

Everyone is encouraged to make training completion a goal; be your unit's security champion! (Secure UD Training looks great on performance appraisals, too!)

Enrolling new trainees (unit heads)

Unit heads may request to enroll employees in Secure UD Training by completing a bulk user add form. Please complete all fields in the form to ensure users are properly added in the system.

  • firstname: The user's first name
  • lastname: The user's last name
  • email: The user's "@udel.edu" email address (please do not use department addresses)
  • your own reference (optional): The user's UD ID#
  • department (optional): The user's department code
  • uid: The user's "@udel.edu" email address (this is the same as the email field).

Requesting completion reports (unit heads)

Unit heads may request a report of training completion within their units by emailing Secure UD at secadmin@udel.edu.

Contact support

If you have questions about Secure UD Training, contact Secure UD by clicking on the "Contact Support" link in your Learner Dashboard or by emailing secadmin@udel.edu.

If you're experiencing interruptions in training, try launching training in an up-to-date version of Google Chrome. If you need assistance installing or updating Google Chrome on your work computer, contact the IT Support Center.