Report a crime

  • Call 911 if the crime is in progress.
  • Pick up any blue light phone on campus and you will be connected directly to a University of Delaware Police 911 Dispatcher. Blue light phone locations are indicated by blue dots on this map.
  • Contact the Police Department at (302) 831-2222.
  • Appear personally at 413 Academy Street.
  • Use the LiveSafe app on your mobile device.

When reporting a crime or incidents please have as much information as possible including the following:

What happened, when and where. Be as specific as possible with description of vehicles and persons involved, etc.

Safety Escort Service

A free safety escort service is available for students, staff and faculty from any University property or contiguous street, and specific areas off campus. University of Delaware Police Cadets utilize the University's bus service and Gators to escort individuals. In other circumstances, depending on the length of trip, Cadets may walk individuals to their final destination. Transportation Services also offers a shuttle service for students who are traveling from campus to their nearby off-campus residences. This service also will be available from 6 p.m.-1 a.m., seven days a week. The four pick-up points for this service will be the Morris Library, Perkins Student Center, Townsend Hall and the north end of the STAR Health Sciences Building on the STAR Campus. Coverage area for the service can be seen on this map.

The safety escort service is designed to enhance your safety and peace of mind. This service is available on campus 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

To arrange for an escort, please call (302) 831-RIDE (7433), use your LiveSafe app, or use one of the more than 200 blue light emergency phones located throughout campus. Blue light phone locations are indicated by blue dots on this map. When calling, please be prepared to give the following information: your name, your exact location and your destination.

The University of Delaware Police Department carefully screens and selects its Cadets who provide the escorts. Escort Cadets are outfitted with blue Cadet shirts or jackets, a traffic vest and two-way radios.

Officer Commendations and Complaints

The men and women of the University of Delaware Police Department receive thorough, progressive training in order to provide police and security services for the campus community. The department is committed to providing the highest level of service through it's core values of Professionalism, Responsibility, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence. The department maintains and promotes respect for the individual rights and dignity of all persons and is dedicated to excellence in all of the services that are offered on a year-round basis.

Anyone who would like to commend an employee for exceptional conduct, has concerns regarding the conduct of any department employee, or would like to receive a copy of the Annual Statistical Summary of complaints filed, is encouraged to contact the department via e-mail (; phone (302) 831-2224; or in person to discuss the matter.

When submitting a commendation or complaint, please included as much of the following information as is possible or submit this Citizen Complaint Form:

  • The date, time, and location of the incident.
  • The Officer’s name, badge number, and description.
  • The incident report number (it will start with 39), or copy of the report / summons.
  • License numbers for any vehicles involved in the incident.
  • Witnesses’ names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Any information regarding the incident that you would like to compliment or file a complaint about.

Valuable Property Registration

The UD Police Department recovers thousands of dollars’ worth of property every year. Property cannot be returned when the rightful owner cannot be identified. The UD Police Department uses voluntary property registration to help to solve this problem. If the property is reported stolen, the police will have access to the information needed to enter it into a nationwide network. When the property is recovered, the recovering police agency will be able to access the owner's information. When engraving an item DO NOT use your social security number or other personal information. Think of something that will have meaning only to you.

Bicycle registrations:

  1. Bike registrations are handled by Parking Services. To register your bicycles click here Bicycle registration to log into your account and then click “Add Bicycle.” Contact Parking Services with any question on bicycle registrations.

    Other Property:

    1. To register your other valuable property, use your UD Log In to access and complete this Google form: Google form Do not use this form to report lost/stolen property. Instead contact UD Police at 302-831-UDPD (8373).

      UD Police recommend registering all valuable property (computers, phones, etc.).

      There is no fee for registration services.

      Police Reports

      To request a copy of a collision report, contact the Records Division at 302-831-2683 or Walk up requests will not be accepted. The cost for each single report copy is $25; fees must be paid in advance. Reports will be available within 2-3 business days of the request; older reports may take additional time to acquire.

      The University of Delaware Police will not release any copies of criminal history information. All requests for information need to be through the Delaware State Bureau of Identification (302) 739-5871.

      To appeal a Trespass Warning please fill out and submit the Appeal form. Trespass Warning Appeal Form

      Victims of a crime are entitled to a free victim’s copy of a report.

      Event Security

      The Police Department is tasked with covering numerous events throughout the year, including home football games, concerts, DUI checkpoints, and commencements. Officers are also tasked with providing security for VIP visitors such as the Vice President, state governors, high profile speakers and local celebrities. The department supports more than 450 events each year. Many of the events are large scale; however the department covers a number of small-scale events as well. A tremendous amount of personnel hours are used to cover these assignments. All members of the department that are assigned to work events are given specific instructions on the management of that event. The officers working these events are tasked with keeping the event safe and enjoyable for all that attend.

      For information on how to request event security or special events send an email to

      Lost and Found

      Looking for your phone or found someone’s wallet? If so, please contact the Police Department’s Lost and Found at 831-2224.

      If you find someone’s property, please bring it to the Police Department headquarters at 413 Academy Street, where it will be logged and kept for a minimum of seven days (most items). After that time, items are discarded, donated to charitable organizations, or held for sale at a later date. Please do NOT turn in found clothing (except jackets), water bottles, food storage containers, etc.

      If you find something that you believe may be evidence in a crime (for example, a purse with the strap torn), please contact the UD Police at 831-2222 and stay with the item (touching it as little as possible) until instructed otherwise.

      Victim Services

      The University of Delaware Police Department has officers specifically trained in victim services and all police officers have had some training in this area. An officer will be made available at all times to offer assistance, counseling and support services, and referrals to outside agencies for victims of crime. This service is available to all members of the university community. If you think you have been a victim of a crime please contact the University of Delaware Police at (302) 831-2222 to file an incident report. Additional Resources

      Emergency Care Unit

      The University of Delaware Emergency Care Unit is an award-winning, student-run volunteer organization, committed to providing professional emergency medical care. In addition to serving the UD campus, UDECU responds to emergencies in the surrounding community of Newark when needed. UDECU responds to emergencies 24/7. Staffed at all times with a minimum of two Delaware state and nationally registered Emergency Medical Technicians, UDECU EMTs respond to everything from sprained ankles to cardiac arrests to severe traumas.

      Rape Aggression Defense

      Rape Aggression Defense is a female self-defense program designed to combat against sexual assaults and rapes. This program was created for the average woman who chooses to use the option of physical self-defense. It is available to all female students, faculty, and staff (full and part-time).

      R.A.D. is taught by certified instructors and is endorsed by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators. The course is physically and mentally challenging; however, it is also taught in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The following areas are covered in class:

      Awareness - Awareness and risk reduction are discussed, covering home and personal safety, date rape, carrying mace and/or other weapons.

      Technique - Self-defense techniques that can be used in a variety of confrontational situations are taught.

      Simulation - Realistic simulation scenarios where officers are dressed in padded equipment give class participants the opportunity to practice their techniques.

      R.A.D. Classes

      Basic R.A.D. (12 hours total- must attend all four classes)

      2023 Fall Dates:

      1st session Monday's 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9

      2nd session Thursday's 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16

      Time: 5pm - 8pm

      Cost: FREE

      Registration is REQUIRED

      E-mail Community Resource Unit to register. Please include your University affiliation (faculty, staff, student).