Emergency Communications and Technology Services Unit

Communications Center

The University Of Delaware Police Department operates one of nine Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in the State of Delaware. All 911 calls that are placed from the campus phone system are answered by the University of Delaware Police Communications Center (UCOMM). Whenever an emergency call is received in the Communications Center, the location is presented to the dispatcher answering the call and on the corresponding map as well. UCOMM handled over 19,000 calls for service each year that were documented within the dispatch system, approximately 15,000 of which required the assignment of a police or security officer to the incident. The PSAP is also responsible for monitoring life safety alarms, security alarms, access control systems and CCTV that require response and dispatch to various incidents that impact the safety and security of the university community.

Video Monitoring Center

The Center is currently staffed at peak hours by trained operators who engage in live-monitoring of cameras which serves as a force-multiplier for the department. If an emergency call is received from a blue light phone and there is a camera within range, the dispatcher can begin to monitor the caller on the phone using the camera system. Since implementation in 2009, the department has used the system to solve several crimes; to better manage game-day events in and around the Delaware Stadium and Bob Carpenter Center and to supplement security for dignitaries who attend campus events throughout the year.