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Graduate Scholarships and Tuition Rates

Graduate Tuition Rates

The following rates apply to Nurses who are admitted to the Graduate Program(s). If you are seeking credits as a continuing education student you need to communicate with ud-gradnursing@udel.edu about tuition.

2015-2016 Tuition Rates

Nursing Graduate Tuition $716 per credit hour
Nursing Graduate Tuition with Partnering Institution $670 per credit hour

*Cost for CE students registered without prior communication to School of Nursing staff - $1674 per credit hour

*Nurses admitted to the UD Post Masters Nursing Certificate Programs are also eligible for the above tuition rates.

See the following website for all applicable registration, credit card and late payment fee’s

Are you a nurse who is enrolled in the UD RN to BSN, RN to MSN, or MSN program and your employer offers tuition benefits that will allow you to be reimbursed after grades are submitted? The University of Delaware will grant authorization to defer payment until 30 days after grades are received to allow time for reimbursement. See those details here.

Affiliated Institutions:

Working at an Affiliated Institution? Download and fax/mail back this form prior to enrollment in your first graduate nursing course.

* Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) employees click here.
Disclaimer: Tuition costs per credit may vary for courses which are taken outside of nursing (nursing course have the prefix NURS).

For additional information contact: ud-gradnursing@udel.edu

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