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Importing Delimited Text to MS Access: Step 1

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This site will provide you with instructions on importing text data into Microsoft Access for data manipulation.

A delimited text file will looks similar to this:

1|Davolio|Nancy|Sales Representative|Ms.|12/8/1968|5/1/1992|507 - 20th Ave. E. Apt. 2A|Seattle|WA|98122|USA|(206) 555-9857
2|Fuller|Andrew|Vice President, Sales|Dr.|2/19/1952|8/14/1992|908 W. Capital Way|Tacoma|WA|98401|USA|(206) 555-9482
3|Leverling|Janet|Sales Representative|Ms.|8/30/1963|4/1/1992|722 Moss Bay Blvd.|Kirkland|WA|98033|USA|(206) 555-3412
4|Peacock|Margaret|Sales Representative|Mrs.|9/19/1958|5/3/1993|4110 Old Redmond Rd.|Redmond|WA|98052|USA|(206) 555-8122
5|Buchanan|Steven|Sales Manager|Mr.|3/4/1955|10/17/1993|14 Garrett Hill|London||SW1 8JR|UK|(71) 555-4848
6|King|Robert|Sales Representative|Mr.|5/29/1960|1/2/1994|Edgeham Hollow Winchester Way|London||RG1 9SP|UK|(71) 555-5598
7|Callahan|Laura|Inside Sales Coordinator|Ms.|1/9/1958|3/5/1994|4726 - 11th Ave. N.E.|Seattle|WA|98105|USA|(206) 555-1189
8|Dodsworth|Anne|Sales Representative|Ms.|7/2/1969|11/15/1994|7 Houndstooth Rd.|London||WG2 7LT|UK|(71) 555-4444

This data is in a format called pipe-delimited. Pipes are the vertical lines in between each of the variables. To import this into MS Access, follow these steps.

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