Career Ladder


The IT-WD career ladder provides for long-term employment and job growth for technical professionals within the Technical Resources Group (IT-TRG) and Web Resources Group (IT-WRG).

These groups are responsible for the specification, development, and implementation of institution-wide, Web-based information services that support the University's core business systems. The units provides Web design and development services to both administrative and academic clients while maintaining significant responsibility for, and impact upon, the development of new and improved campus business processes.

Application of The Policy

This policy applies to technical professionals within IT - Web Development. It does not apply to part-time employees, salaried staff or non-technical professionals.

As technical professionals progress along these career ladders, they move from simple technical tasks to more complex, from narrow program responsibility to wide system responsibility, from support of a single office or group to support of several departments or groups. Junior level members of these families assist and participate in the daily efforts of WD, while more senior level members take on more initiative and responsibility by directing, overseeing, leading and facilitating the efforts of WD team members as well as user-group members.

In addition to increasing levels of supervisory and system responsibility, members of these families also grow in terms of technical and business knowledge and expertise.

Its important to note that these career ladders only provide the framework for potential career advancement. There are no guarantees or promises implied by this document. There is no provision for "automatic" promotion based on tenure or performance. The document does give WD staff members "something to shoot for", a possible future, an outline for potential career growth. It does not define promotion in terms of expected or promised steps.


The IT-WD technical-track career ladder includes the Applications Programmer job family within IT-TRG job family and the Web Developer job family within IT-WRG.