Annual Planning

Information Technologies addresses projects for business process owners using an annual planning cycle. This is the time of year for your unit to analyze what business process improvements you need and what services you wish to request from IT. For your request list, our planning cycle is for "go-lives" from September 2018 through August 2019. That means that in September, we will hope to begin working on requests that are submitted in June.

By June 30, please send a file listing your project requests in priority order. A spreadsheet format is preferred and please include the following information about each project you request:

In addition to new projects, please include projects that you deferred or rolled over from this year as well as regularly recurring projects that need annual maintenance.

We realize that during the year there may be new requests from your unit. Calibrations of your annual list occur between you and IT on a regular basis, and you may adjust priorities for your projects at those times. Ad hoc requests are not likely to displace planned requests unless they are in response to compliance or audit issues. Please consider that due to the nature of your and our workloads, it may take months to respond to ad hoc requests or adjusted priorities.

New projects or enhancements submitted in Bugzilla will be added to your request list and prioritized along with your other project requests. Agency-mandated changes, production support, and UD strategic goals receive the highest priorities.

Over the summer, we will meet with you to review your annual request list and determine project plans for the upcoming year. We will monitor and adjust project requests with you regularly throughout the year.

By June 30, 2018, please use the UD Drop Box at to send a file listing of your requests to IT-Web Development ( and IT-MIS ( For questions, please contact IT-Web Development (