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American Political System

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Popular Sovereignty

An Argument for Government

CRS, The USA PATRIOT Act: A Legal Analysis (PDF document)

The Living Room Candidate Postwar American election history as seen through television "spot" advertisements.

Two Views of Public Opinion

Millions Misspent: What Politicians Don't Say About the High Costs of the Death Penalty Death Penalty Information Center.

New Democrats Emphasize Personal Responsibility And Empowering Parents

'New Democrats': Gore Doesn't Need Friends Like These by Robert Borosage.

Public More Internationalist than in 1990s Pew Research Center.

"Effectiveness of Negative Political Advertising"

Federalist No. 10


From Private to State Capitalism by Seymour Melman, February 1997.

Huge city subsidies for autos, trucks by Stanley Hart

America's Autos On Welfare by John Holtzclaw.

Market Opening or Corporate Welfare? "Results-Oriented" Trade Policy toward Japan by Scott Latham.

"Street Railways: U.S. vs. National City Lines Recalled" by Paul Matus

UNCOVERING AUTO SUBSIDIES: Calculating how much your local government spends subsidizing cars Cities for Climate Protection

Global Capitalism and the State by Jan Aart Scholte.

Ending Corporate Welfare as We Know It by Stephen Moore and Dean Stansel Cato Institute, May 12, 1995.

Return on Investment: The Hidden Story of Soft Money, Corporate Welfare and the 1997 Budget & Tax Deal Common Cause Report

Money Troubles by Dan Froomkin. Washington Post, September 4, 1998

Campaign Finance Reform: A Sourcebook

The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA)

Testimony of Ralph Nader Before the Committee on the Budget U.S. House of Representatives June 30, 1999

Essays on "Who Governs?"

Example of Pluralist Politics

The Power Elite Now by Alan wolfe.

C. Wright Mills, The Higher Circles

Political Economy

Social Investment and the Budget Debate by Jeff Faux and Max Sawicky.

How the Pie is Sliced by Edward N. Wolff, in The American Prospect Volume 6, Issue 22. June 23, 1995

United States Monetary Policy

Political Action Committees

The Public Philosophy

Elections, Voting, and Campaigns

Turnout Decline in the U.S. and other Advanced Industrial Democracies Martin P. Wattenberg

Contract With America

What Should You Major In? Comparisons of Earnings.

Historical and Political Documents

Large section of useful information sources

"Voters in the Crosshairs" by Marshall Ganz

"'Accentuate the Negative' Contemporary Congressional Campaigns'"

Demographic and thematic maps

The Media and Enlightened Understanding

The Global Media Giants The nine firms that dominate the world. by Robert W. McChesney.

Who Owns What Columbia Journalism Review

Off The Record

Types of Public Policies Drawings that accompany notes.

"Steven Stark "The First Postmodern Presidency"

Public Policy: The Essential Readings, Chapter 22

A Radical Plan to Change American Politics

Comments on There Are No Children Here

Delaware and Banking Laws: A Case Study of Interest Group Politics

Amnesty International Analysis of the Death Penalty

Presidential Approval Ratings (Image)

Political campaign commercials

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