Use IT resources appropriately

Use IT resources appropriately

The University provides access to its IT resources—including its network, computer systems, and data—to students and other members of the University community. Your access to these IT resources depends on your choice to use them appropriately.

The following actions may result in the suspension or termination of your access to IT resources:

Just because you can do something with your access to UD IT resources does not mean that you are allowed to. Exercise common sense and good judgment when choosing how to use IT resources.

For example, you could choose to use the University network to connect to file-sharing services, but doing so may violate copyright law and constitute an unacceptable use of your access to the network. Using your Google Apps for Education @ UD account (your UDelNet account) to send spam to others would also be unacceptable.

Think about acceptable use as what you should do—not what you could do—with IT resources.

Tips for using IT resources appropriately

  • Exercise good judgment. Think about whether you should do something, not about whether you could do something.
  • Follow the rules. Acceptable use means, in part, following policies and laws.

Your responsibilities as a student

As a student at the University, you're responsible for protecting yourself, your information, and your devices as well as the University's IT resources as you use them.

  1. Use IT resources appropriately
  2. Take responsibility for your device's activity
  3. Protect and clean your computer
  4. Use strong and unique passwords
  5. Protect yourself from phishing and other fraud
  6. Understand copyright laws and file sharing
  7. Protect your online reputation
  8. Understand the consequences for violating the rules