How to View your Form Results in the Forms Data Processor (FDP)

This page provides instructions for viewing and downloading form results from the Forms Data Processor which stores results from your forms. To use this system, you will need to have proper access. You may request access from your departmental forms administrator, or contact Information Technologies.

  1. Log in at

  2. You should see the Browse Form Submissions screen. If not, click the Menu link located in the top right area.

  3. The Form: dropdown list contains all forms that you have permission to view. Choose a form from the list.

  4. Enter a date range, if desired, to restrict the results to forms submitted within particular dates, or leave the dates blank to view all.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. The results appear in a table-like format.

    The first column is a checkbox that allows you to delete that row. Form fields are listed in columns alphabetically by field name. There may be other extraneous system fields within your data (i.e. submit.x, submit.y), which you may disregard. Use the up-down or left-right scroll bars surrounding the table to view all the data.

    Note: The only fields from your form that appear in this table are those that contain a value. It may appear to you that the FDP is skipping some fields, but in reality, it means that every submitter so far has left that field blank.

  7. The data may be downloaded as a delimited file or imported directly into Excel using the options in the Action field.

    The displayed records may also be purged by choosing the Delete action. Select the appropriate action and click Submit.

    Downloading data does not remove it from the Forms Data Processor engine, however Delete removes the data permanently.