How to Manage Forms, Users, and Groups in the Forms Data Processor (FDP)

This page provides instructions for managing forms, users, and groups with the Forms Data Processor which stores results from your forms. To use this system, you will need to have proper access. You may request access from your departmental forms administrator, or contact Information Technologies.

Using the administration menu

  1. Log in at

  2. If you have administrative access, depending on your access level, you will see any of the following: Manage forms, Manage users, and/or Manage groups.

Manage forms

  1. Click the first tab titled Manage forms.

  2. To enter a new form, click the Add a form button. See detailed instructions on the How to Create a Forms Data Processor (FDP) Form help page.

  3. To review a current form, choose a department in the Group dropdown.

  4. The table at the bottom of the page will refresh to show the forms for the selected group. To edit a form click on an Edit button in the action column.

  5. The Edit a form section will appear at the top of the page. Edit your values in this form and then click the Update form button.

Manage users

  1. Click the second tab titled Manage users.

  2. To enter a new user, click the Add a user button.

  3. To edit or remove access for an existing user, find the user row in the table, find the Action buttons in the last column, and click the appropriate one.

Add a user

  1. In the User field enter the user's UD ID or use the lookup button.

  2. If applicable, choose an Admin level. Otherwise, select "Not an administrator."

  3. Choose options for Group, Access, and Permissions and then click the Add line button.

  4. If needed you can add another line for a different group.

  5. When done, click the Add user button to submit the form. The new user will automatically get FDP access to the groups you assigned.

Manage groups

  1. Click the third tab titled Manage groups.

  2. To enter a new group, click the Add a group button.

  3. To edit or remove an existing group, find the group row in the table, find the Action buttons in the last column, and click the appropriate one.