UD IT Security Response

During June 2014, Kroll Advisory Services is sending letters about a change in their service to all UD subscribers.

The University of Delaware has concluded its investigation into the July data security breach.

The University of Delaware experienced a cyberattack in which files were taken that included confidential personal information of more than 74,000 individuals: about 72,000 current and past employees, including student employees, and fewer that 2,000 non-employees who received a payment from the University. The confidential personal information includes names, addresses, UD IDs (employee identification numbers) and Social Security numbers.

  • The University has sent notifications to those affected via email and U.S. Mail.

  • The University has retained the services of Kroll Advisory Solutions, a global leader in risk mitigation and response, that will provide free credit monitoring services to those whose information was compromised.

    • If you received a letter or email with a membership number, follow the instructions in the letter.

    • If you have not yet received a letter or email and do not have a UDelNet ID, contact Kroll Advisory Solutions directly at 1-877-309-0016 to see if you are affected and, if so, to receive further instructions.
    We remind you to safeguard your private information. Do not respond to unsolicited requests for your personal information. The University will not contact you and ask to confirm any of your personal information. If an unknown person contacts you and claims that he or she can help you if you would just confirm your personal information, do not surrender any information. No one from the University, Kroll Advisory Solutions or any other reputable organization will contact you to request your personal information.

As more information becomes available, we will update this website.

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