Mailing Lists at UD: Mailman mailing list instructions


IT no longer supports the creation of new Mailman lists. A Google Group will meet your needs instead.

How to use

From off-campus, you will need to connect using VPN for list configuration and administration. You may need to configure your list if the pre-configured options do not apply to how you want to use your list.

You can configure your mailing list at the your list's Web page. The URL will be of the form
substituting the name of your Mailman list for yourlist-name.

The Web page for users of your mailing list will have a URL like this one:
substituting the name of your Mailman list for yourlist-name.

When you log in with your "List Administrative Password," you will first see a page with the following information:

mailing list administration options
Configurations for each category (not inclusive, key options are described below).



General Options

Complete terse phrase identifying list.
Complete introductory description about the list.
Complete new-subscriber welcome message. (preconfig: no welcome message)
Direct replies to the list or poster. (preconfig:to the poster)
Use Administrivia filter.
Send monthly password reminders to subscribers. (preconfig:no password reminders)
Send welcome message. (preconfig:no welcome message)
Get administrator notice of new requests.
Get administrator notice of subscribes and unsubscribes.
Set maximum length in KB of message body. (preconfig: set to 0 for no limit)
Set base URL for Mailman Web interface. Do not change the default entry of

Membership Management

Review member options and check the legend item description for: subscr, hide, nomail, ack, notmetoo, digest, plain.
Go to the Mass Subscription area to add members to your list.

Privacy Options

Advertise list on listinfo Web page if you prefer. (preconfig: not advertised)
Steps required in subscription. (preconfig: admin approval)
Define who can view subscription list. (preconfig: list admin only)
Show members' addresses so they're not directly recognizable as email addresses. (default)
Decide to moderate list (admin approve all postings) or not. (preconfig: moderated)
Decide to restrict postings to list members or not. (preconfig: restricted to listmembers, and listadmin needs to unset the mod bit for all posters.)

Regular-member Options

Choose to allow list members to receive list mail immediately or only in batched digests.

Digest-member Options

If you are allowing the digest option (list mail received in batched digest form), you can think about the other options like the format of the digest (plain or mime), max. size in KB of the digest, etc.

Bounce Options

Use the default options.

Archival Options

For your archive of messages, you can tweak the settings for how often a new archive should be started or stay with the defaults. (preconfig: archives private)

Mail-News and News-Mail gateways We don't use this feature.


This option can be used if you want to automatically send a response to list posters.

Check the online documentation describing the other Administrative Activities.

The configuration information is self-documenting—each parameter is explained by linking to the "Details" section.

Adding members

List administrators can add members by going to the Membership Management/Mass Subscription area. If you want to have members self-subscribe, send them to the following Web page:
substituting the name of your Mailman list for yourlist-name.

From off-campus, self-subscribers with UDelNet IDs will need to connect using VPN. Self-subscribers who do not have UDelNet IDs will need to send email to the list owner.

How to change a List owner

To change a list owner, the current list owner (or someone with access to the "List Administrator Password") may log in into the list administration Web page:
substituting the name of your Mailman list for yourlist-name.

If access is no longer available to the list administration web page, please submit a request and provide the current list information and the requested changes. For list owner changes, include the new owner's name and UDelNetID.

How to request that the "List Administrator Password" be reset

If you are a list owner, please submit a request, provide the name of the mailman list  and specify that the password is to be reset.

How to change a List name

If you are a list owner and need to change, please submit a request, provide the name of the old mailman list  and specify the name of the new mailman list. All information will be migrated from the old mailman list to the new mailman list, and the old mailman list will be removed.

How to request that a Mailman list be Deleted

If you are the list owner, please submit a request and provide the name of the mailman list to be deleted. Please include the title of the list and indicate that the archive of messages can also be deleted.

If you have comments or suggestions about this Web page or see any errors, contact the IT Communication Group.