Mailing Lists at UD: Manually maintained mailing list instructions

A manually maintained mailing list distributes copies of messages to all list members. This type of list is a simple "mail reflector"; that is, all it does is use an entry in the aliases file on UD's central email server to forward a copy of each message to the members of the mailing list. Because the mailing list address file is located in a special directory area on the central UNIX systems, these lists are open--that is, anyone can send email to these lists. As a result, this type of list can attract spam if you publicly list the name of the email list. When providing a link to your list on a Web site, use a webform rather than an HTML "mailto:" tag.

No new MMMLs

Because there are so many other options that have additional features and because manually maintained mailing lists can be spammed by off campus individuals, we are not creating new manually maintained mailing lists at this time.

For further information, contact the IT Support Center.

How to use

Once your manually maintained mailing list request form has been processed, you will receive email with the information about your mailing list you'll need for the instructions below.

A file with the name "mailing-listname_list" (substituting your mailing list name for the words mailing-listname) will be created for you containing the email addresses you specified on the request form. This file is located in the directory /home/copland/usra/mailing_lists/ on the central UNIX server ( Sending email to substituting the name of your mailing list for mailing-listname will send email to each address in the "mailing-listname_list" file.

How to manage (view, modify or remove) a List

Use the UD MMML (manually maintained mailing list) Manager web application to view, modify, and check the email addresses in your list, as well as request to remove your mailing list:

Note: A request to remove your mailing list will automatically generate an email on your behalf for the list to be removed. It will take one to two business days for the request to be processed and the list removed from the UD mail systems. Keep in mind during this time, the list will still be available for use.

How to request a change in List owner or List title

To request a list owner or list title change, the current owner (or someone with permission from the current owner) may submit a request and include the current list information and the requested changes. For list owner changes, include the new owner's name and UDelNet ID.

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