Building a Crisis Plan Together

The University of Delaware is committed to providing students, faculty, staff and guests a safe and healthful environment. Preparation, education and peer responsibility are our best defense in keeping the campus community as safe as possible.

The University's emergency response and communications plans are constantly being reviewed and updated. In light of recent tragic events on college campuses, we have implemented a new UD Alert communications system, which will enable us to send voice and text messages to the campus community via land-line and cellular phones. We also have a number of other avenues for communicating with the campus.

This web page is designed to provide timely information about an emergency situation and also to serve as a resource in the event of an emergency. I encourage you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the University's safety procedures and the ways UD will communicate important emergency news to you.

A key to a safe campus is peer responsibility. We are all members of this community and we must look out for one another.

If you see something that appears to be suspicious, do not hesitate to contact University Police, a fully trained and accredited professional police force: Just dial 911. The general information number for the Department of Public Safety is (302) 831-2222. The campus and surrounding areas are also served by city, county and state police.

Please take time to be prepared, to be educated and stay safe.

How can UD Alert help you? UD Alert is part of the University's emergency response plan. In case of a major emergency, the system enables the University to broadcast information quickly to the campus community through text messages, voice and e-mail. This new system provides an additional method of emergency communication, in addition to postings on the UD home page and UDaily, broadcast e-mail, broadcast voice messages to University telephones in offices and classrooms and loudspeaker announcements. Find more information on the UD Alert page.