University of Delaware Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Policy

You need approval before flying a drone or other unmanned aircraft system on university property

The use of any property owned, leased, licensed or otherwise controlled by the University, including, but not limited to, any "air rights" recognized by federal or state law, to operate any Unmanned Aircraft Systems ("UAS"), commonly referred to as "unmanned aerial vehicles" or drones, as well as any small unmanned aircraft, poses inherent health, security and privacy risks to the University community. The University does permit the operation of UAS within the strict guidelines of the UAS policy and following the approval of a UAS Application.

Before flying a UAS on any university property, you must:


  • Read the policy:
  • This policy requires compliance with federal, state and local laws, as well as university regulations and contracts.

  • You must obtain permission prior to every flight:
  • You must request and obtain permission ( before every individual flight. No exceptions.

    Persons interested in obtaining authorization for UAS operations shall submit the Application for Authorization to the University of Delaware Campus & Public Safety Office at:

    Office of Campus and Public Safety
    222 S. Chapel Street
    Room 132
    Newark, DE 19716
    Phone: 302-831-7285

    Applications may be sent electronically via email to the following address:

  • Learn more by reading the Frequently Asked Questions: