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The University of Delaware

Dep. of Chemistry & Biochemistry

124 Lammot du Pont Laboratory

Newark, DE 19711


302.831.1197 (work)

302.831.6335 (fax)




Professional Preparation:

Harvard College, chemistry, A.B. cum laude, 1968.

California Institute of Technology, physical chemistry, Ph. D., 1972. with J. L. Beauchamp

Present Position: Since September, 1985, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware.

Previous Position: ·From September, 1978, until September, 1985, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Delaware.

·From September, 1972, until August, 1978, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Delaware.

Scholarships and Fellowships: ·

NDEA Predoctoral Fellow, 1969-70, 1971-72.

Institute Predoctoral Fellow1970-71.

Harvard National Scholar (Undergraduate), 1962-64, 1966-6

Synergestic Activities:

·Founded the annual East Coast FT-ICR-MS and ion-molecule reactions symposium in 1979. The Delaware mass spectrometry group (Munson, Johnston and Ridge) continues to host this meeting that typically attracts 40 to 60 participants from University, government and industrial labs. It has been the scene of the first public presentation of a number of important mass spectrometric developments and has provided a forum for many mass spectrometry graduate students to give a first talk.

·Co-PI on NSF funded Multi-site University-Industry collaborative program introducing a new approach to graduate education, with students rotating through University and Industrial laboratories and doing collaborative projects in addition to the traditional dissertation project.

·Founding editorial board member and associate editor of European Journal of Mass Spectrometry. Founded to provide an affordable journal. The editorial board and the private publisher have a pricing control policy to prevent the unconscionable price increases that are commonplace among mass spectrometry journals.

·Former associate editor and editorial board member of Organic Mass Spectrometry. Serve as session chair and on organizing committees of national and international meetings.

Collaborators: R. W. Anders (Rochester), Asgeir Bjarnason (Iceland), Michelle Byrd (NIST), R. Cotter (Johns Hopkins), E. V. Denisov (PNNL), D.Ekeberg(Oslo), Catherine Fenselau (Maryland, College Park), Jean H. Futrell (PNNL), S. Groh (Delaware), R. A. Iyer (Rochester), Murray Johnston (Delaware), D. Kirchman (Delaware), M. E. Lassman (Delaware), A. Liechty (Delaware), George Luther (Delaware), V. S. Rakov (PNNL), T. F. Rozan (Delaware), Burnaby Munson (Delaware), Gordon Nicol (Delaware), M. Radosevich (Delaware), A. Rheingold (Delaware), K. Sohlberg (Drexel), Don Sparks (Delaware), Einaar Uggerud (Oslo), K. E. Wommack (Delaware).

Graduate Students: (Before 1995) Gary Weddle, Ph.D., 1977; John Allison, Ph.D. 1978; John Wronka, Ph.D., 1982; Rob Freas, Ph.D., 1984; Barbara Larsen, Ph.D., 1984; Fred Strobel, Ph.D., 1988; Ying Pan, Ph.D., 1989; Hung Yu Lin, Ph.D., 1991; Yi Lin, Ph.D. 1992; Robin Kinser, Ph.D.,1993; Henglong Chen, Ph.D.,1994.

Graduate Students: (Since 1995)

Tianlan Zhang, Ph.D., 1995, now running an mass spectrometry lab at Rohm and Haas

Fred Arnold, Ph.D., 1996, directing a computational chemistry facility at the University of Chicago.

Lei Jin, Ph.D., 1998, doing mass spectrometry and separations at DuPont.

Jen Sterner, Ph.D., 2000, doing forensic analytical chemistry at the FBI.

Nganha Luu, Ph.D., 2000, directing analytical laboratory at DuPont.

Ounan Chen, Ph.D., 2000, software engineer at Vanguard Financial Group.

Steven Bennett, Ph.D., 2000, teaching at a small college in Ohio.

Tom Bailey, Ph. D., 2002

Scot Robinson, M. S., Chemistry teacher at Perkiomen High School.

Jeff Spraggins, Ph. D., 2009, Research Fellow at the Mass Spectrometry Research Center at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Kaitlin Papson, Ph. D., expected 2012