Lab renovations: Recently, the FT-ICR mass spectrometry facility underwent upgrades to both of our instruments and to our network capabilities. This upgrade to our facilities is made possible by the National Science Foundation.

7 T Bruker Apex-Qe FT-ICR mass spectrometer

Our Bruker instrument utilizes a passively shielded 7.0 T superconducting magnet. The spectrometer has CID, ECD, and IRMPD fragmentation capabilities within the ICR cell in addition to the ability to select, accumulate and fragment ions using CID outside the cell via the external ESI/EI/CI source. Data analysis is done using a Windows XP based FTMS processing system with the Compass software package. This instrument is ideal for the analysis of biomolecules and for performing MSn experiments.
3 T ThermoFinnigan T3 FT-ICR mass spectrometer
The Finnigan system has a 3.0 T unshielded superconducting magnet, a dual ICR cell, an auto probe, and an external ion source. The instrument’s dual cell is ideal for performing gas phase ion reactions, the auto probe is designed to take samples into the cell to perform laser desorption and MALDI experiments via a Polaris II pulsed ND:YAG laser, and the external source is equipped with an Analytica ESI source. The data system upgrade for this spectrometer included an Omega2XP data system providing our lab with state-of-the-art FTMS data processing capabilities. The dual cell configuration and the ability to automatically and uniformly control the temperature of the cell makes this instrument well suited for monitoring gas phase chemical reactions as a function of chamber temperature.