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Jeff Spraggins
Graduate Student


Una Kim



Graduate Students: Since 1995

Tianlan Zhang, Ph.D., 1995, now running an mass spectrometry lab at Rohm and Haas

Fred Arnold, Ph.D., 1996, directing a computational chemistry facility at the University of Chicago.

Lei Jin, Ph.D., 1998, doing mass spectrometry and separations at DuPont.

Jen Sterner, Ph.D., 2000, doing forensic analytical chemistry at the FBI.

Nganha Luu, Ph.D., 2000, directing analytical laboratory at DuPont.

Ounan Chen, Ph.D., 2000, software engineer at Vanguard Financial Group.

Steven Bennett, Ph.D., 2000, teaching at a small college in Ohio.

Tom Bailey, Ph. D., 2002

Scot Robinson, M.S., 2007, Teaching Chemisty at Perkiomen High School.

Jeff Spraggins, Ph. D. expected 2009

Kaitlin Papson, Ph. D., expected 2012