Financials at UD: General Information

Roll-out began July 1, 2004 of final phase of the University's new Financial System

Grants, Non-Student Billing/Accounts Receivable, Cash Deposits and Asset Management are the latest Financials modules to be released this month. These four modules going live in July conclude four years of dedicated effort by the UDFS Project Teams and many others at the University to implement the full Financials system. Last July General Ledger, Purchase Order and Accounts Payable modules were placed in service.

Just as with the first phase, employees will use a combination of UD Webforms and the Financial system to conduct financial tasks for Grants, Non-Student Billing, Cash Deposits, and Asset Management. For the first time, many grants and billing people on campus will be using two different databases: Production (FIPRD) and Report (FIRPT) to do their work.

This was the roll-out schedule:

GRANTS 7/1/04



ASSET MANAGEMENT - later in July

Accessing the System:

Webforms can be used in any browser, but when logging on to the Financial system itself (FIPRD or FIRPT), users are strongly urged to use Internet Explorer, as many features of these systems are incompatible with Netscape browsers.


Many offices and individual staff are identified on the Help tab of this site, each identified to their area of expertise. You can also find members of you unit or an allied one who have served on the Communication & Training Teams within the "Local Assistance" link there.


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