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Translating Old Account Codes to New Chartfields

The old familiar account codes (eg. 01-1-74-4710-00-410-000) were comprised of segments that indicated the Fund, Type, Revenue Source or Expense Function, Budget Unit, Project, Object Code, and Line Number. PeopleSoft stores similar data to characterize and identify each transaction in what it calls "Chartfields". These are Key fields which collectively form a "Chartstring". For most purposes, users will be concerned with just 3 chartfields, the specification of which will be automatically related to subordinate chartfields by default:
Mirrors the old 11-digit account code. A department or administrative unit typically has multiple functional purposes that are budgeted separately, and within which categories their revenues and expenses are posted.
"Account" in PeopleSoft terminology mirrors the old "Object Code". It categorizes a transaction as to the kind of thing that is being bought or that is creating revenue.
In most cases, mirrors the old "Salary Line" number, and is only necessary in salary budget/expense transactions
For a piece by piece comparison of old UD Account Code segments with new PeopleSoft Chartfields (with examples), see the
Conventions for Conversion of UD Account Codes to PeopleSoft Chartfields.

Chart of Accounts

Tables are available that specify the values to be used for each UD Financial chartfield. These
Charts of Accounts are works in progress. If you find omissions or inconsistencies as you examine them, please bring them to the attention of Ellen Lepine.

The Chart of Accounts was also explained in a presentation that Mr. Roberson made on December 3. The PowerPoint presentation he used at that meeting is also available here.

Crosswalk Utility

A PeopleSoft application is available to translate the old legacy account codes into the corresponding new PeopleSoft Chartfields. Anyone can logon to that crosswalk using the (case sensitive) User ID=crosswalk and Password=crosswalk.

Click the following link to keep these directions available in your current browser window and open the Crosswalk in a new Window.

It can also save inquiries about a particular legacy account, tagging each inquiry with a short name of the user's choice. Since in this application we are all logging with the same "User ID", we might adopt the convention that we save inquiry specifications starting with our initials. If, for instance, your initials are DHA and you might be inquiring about an account ending in "4506", you might name the inquiry "DHA4506".

Lists of significant field values

The following lists of values, translations, and other convenient facts are available for your reference:

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