Module 2

Colorado Springs, Colorado United States Olympic Committee – Olympic Training Center

The second module will be held at the USOC’s Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The module will consist of a continuation on the development of the candidate’s personal project and of the coaching education program through practical application of coaching methodologies taught by the USOC’s Sport Performance Services Division and other experts.


National (U.S.) Candidates will attend the program for 14 days and will spend the last the last four days of the program preparing their projects with tutors that will assist them and mentor their next steps at both apprenticeship programming and project implementation and completion.

International Candidates will spend 21 days in Colorado Springs, with the last 4 days of the module dedicated to coaching the candidates on their projects by their tutors. The module will culminate with a presentation by the candidates on their proposed projects. There will be one tutor per three candidate coaches.

Accommodation: Housing will be at the United State Olympic Training Center (USOTC) which is setup in a dormitory style. Each candidate will have a shared room. Bathrooms and showers are communal by gender. Guests at the Olympic Training Center are provided with a blanket, sheets, two bath towels, a wash cloth, and a pillow. Towels are exchanged Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All food and accommodation are included in your stay, as well as, use of the training facilities at specified times.

Free time / Cultural Program: Candidates will have free time on some evenings and weekends, and within the program there will be opportunities to take in the beautify of the nature in Colorado Springs as well as to attend sporting events.