Application Submission Instructions    

ICECP International Canndidates application period has closed. Please contact the USOC at

National Candidates Application (U.S. Candidates) Applications should be completed electronically by 27 May 2019

International Candidates Application (Non-U.S. Candidates)

As part of the application process, applicants need to be prepared to provide personal data (passport, etc.); professional background information related to their coaching experience and be prepared to respond to the following questions:   

Do not begin the application process until you are prepared to provide all the above information.

Please also make sure to have a printer available in order to print the ICECP APPLICATION SUMMARY FORM and the NOC ENDORSEMENT CERTIFICATION FORM upon the conclusion of the application process.

Once you have completed the online application, you need submit the following items:

    1. Copy of ICECP Application Summary Form
    2. NOC Endorsement Certification Form
    3. Letters of support from your NOC and National Federation
    4. Curriculum Vitae
    5. Copy of passport
    6. Medical Certificate

Please submit the above documents to USOC and Olympic Solidarity electronically.

NOTE: New to the ICECP application procedure, Olympic Solidarity MUST receive the Olympic Solidarity Scholarships for Coaches Application 3 Mal 2019. The USOC will not consider candidatures whose applications Olympic Solidarity has not received by 3 May 2019. The new procedure will also mean that candidates will not receive ICECP acceptance confirmation letters until after their candidatures have been approved for a scholarship by Olympic Solidarity and the respective International Federation. Acceptance notifications will be sent forth to accepted candidates between the middle and beginning June. Accepted candidates needing a Visa to enter the United States should begin their Visa application procedures immediately after receiving acceptance confirmation letter from the USOC and the ICECP.

When submitting your NOC Endorsement Certification to your NOC and obtaining your letters of support from your NOC and national federation, you must provide a copy of your completed ICECP Application Summary Form to your NOC and National Federation to ensure approval of your selected project.    

ICECP International Canndidates applications has closed. Please contact the USOC at

To complete the formal application process, you must submit your completed ICECP Application Summary Form with the NOC Endorsement Certification Form, curriculum vitae (CV), passport photo (electronic version preferable) and letters of support from your NOC and National Federation to USOC and Olympic Solidarity by 3 May 2019.

International Candidates: please send all correspondence to the attention of:

Carolina Bayón, Director, International Cooperation and Policy
USOC International Relations 
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO, 80909
Tel: +1.719.866.2050

To ensure funding from Olympic Solidarity and be considered for acceptance into the ICECP, NOC's must submit an Olympic Scholarships for Coaches Application on behalf of candidate coach, directly to Olympic Solidarity. The approval of Olympic Scholarships for Coaches Programme applications will be managed by Olympic Solidarity following the normal procedures.