2012 Graduate

Mr. Kazem Al Balushi
Country: Oman
Sport: Basketball
Coach in Basketball Association
Project Title:
Email: kazem_kk@hotmail.com


Mr. Mohammed Alghareeb
Country: Saudi Arabia
Sport: Swimming
Saudi Arabia Swimming Federation Open Water Coach
Project Title: Estbalishing Long Term Athlete Development From Swimming in KSA
Email: sweed2_5@hotmail.com


Mr. Mohammed Al-Sheeb
Country: Qatar
Sport: Swimming
Executive Director of Qatar Swimming Association
Project Title:
Email: m.alsheeb@hotmail.com


Mr. Daniel Augustine
Country: Cayman Islands
Sport: Basketball
Head Coach Men's National Basketball Team
Project Title: Long Term Athlete Development for Basketball in the Cayman Islands
Email: Daniel.Augustine@hotmail.com


Ms. Ghada Baboun
Country: Palestine
Sport: Swimming
Coach in Palestinian Swimming Association
Project Title:
Email: gbaboun@gmail.com



Mr. Eric Tamanda Banda
Country: Zimbabwe
Sport: Basketball
Head Coach for the Basketball National Talent Identification Project for Youth
Project Title: Talent Identification for Basketball for Zimbabwe
Email: tamandabanda09@gmail.com


Ms. Eva Novalina Butarbutar
Country: Indonesia
Sport: Women Artistic Gymnastics
Women's Artistic Gymnastics Coach
Project Title:
Email: evantb@gmail.com


Mr. Robert Butler
Country: Bahamas
Sport: Taekwondo
National Head Coach of the Bahamas Taekwondo Federation
Project Title: Grassroots Development of Taekwondo in the Bahamas


Mr. Paul Crook
Country: Australia
Sport: Fencing
Assistant National Epee Coach
Project Title: Development of High Performance Program for National Epee Team


Ms. Shuhua Dai
Country: Chinese Taipei
Sport: Taekwondo
Project Title: Youth Coach Training and Enrichment Program for Taekwondo in Taiwan



Mr. Gibreel Elamin
Country: Sudan
Sport: Rowing
Project Title:
Email: gibreel2tt@yahoo.com



Mr. Tenxin Jatsho
Country: Bhutan
Sport: Basketball
National Basketball Coach
Project Title: Long Term Athlete Development
Email: tenxinjatsho@yahoo.com


Mr. Eyad Makanai
Country: Jordan
Sport: Table Tennis
Facilitator for the National Coaching Certification Program
Project Title: To Demonstrate the Value of LTAD in Table Tennis in Jordan to Coaches and Parents by Delivering a 6 Month L2T Training Model for Youth Table Tennis Players
Email: e.makanai@yahoo.com


Ms. Marjane Malikumu
Country: Zambia
Sport: Volleyball
National Women's Volleyball Coach
Project Title: Program to Increase Participation of Female Volleyball Players and Identify Players Who Have the Potential to Become Club Players
Email: marmalikumu@yahoo.com


Mr. Sinisa Marcetic
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sport: Athletics
National Coach
Project Title: Progrm of Support Young Athlete to Reach Senior Level
Email: sinisamarcetic@gmail.com


Mr. Eardley Martin
Country: St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Sport: Volleyball
Head Coach Junior Female National Team, Assistant Coach Senior Female National Team
Project Title: Strategic Plan for the Introduction and Development of Fencing in the Public Schools of Santo Domingo
Email: sjccaribbdanceoff@hotmail.com


Mr. Ibrahim Nahid
Country: Maldives
Sport: Basketball
Coach of the Senior Men's National Basketball Team
Project Title: Winning Medals by 2018 in Regional Games
Email: nahidu@gmail.com


Mr. Modou Njie
Country: Gambia
Sport: Athletics
Head Coach - National Under 17 Athletics Team
Project Title: Talent Identification and Grassroot Development
Email: gnosc@qanet.gm


Mr. Nedzad Osmankac
Country: Serbia
Sport: Volleyball
Assistant Coach
Project Title: Qualitative Analysis of the Setters in Technical and Tactical Activities
Email: osmankac@yahoo.co.uk


Mr. Luis Perez
Country: Peru
Sport: Table Tennis
Technical Director
Project Title:
Email: luchoperezttt@hotmail.com


Mr. Kerlon Peters
Country: Grenada
Sport: Athletics
Senior Throws National Coach
Project Title:
Email: coachkerlonp@hotmail.com


Mr. Martin Quezada
Country: Dominican Republic
Sport: Fencing
National Coach
Project Title:
Email: asodopefide@hotmail.com


Mr. Carlos Felipe Flores Ramires
Country: El Salvador
Sport: Rowing
High Performence Director, El Salvador Olympic Committee
Project Title:
Email: fflores@comiteolimpicoesa.com


Mr. Gonzalo Remiro
Country: Uruguay
Sport: Weightlifting
Head Coach of National Squad
Project Title:
Email: halterofilia@gmail.com


Mr. Vancho Stojanov
Country: Macedonia
Sport: Athletics
National Senior Team Head Coach
Project Title:
Email: atleticar1@yahoo.co.uk


Mr. Paula Peniasi Taqua
Country: Fiji
Sport: Weightlifting
Project Title: Development of Weightlifting Institution in Fiji
Email: pkaloukocei@yahoo.com



Ms. Likeleli Thamae
Country: Lesotho
Sport: Taekwondo
National Taekwondo Coach
Project Title: Development of National Taekwondo Education System in Lesotho
Email: likelelithamae@yahoo.com


Mr. Washington Vargas Fuentes
Country: Colombia
Sport: Basketball
FIBA Level II Basketball Coach
Project Title: Development of a National Basketball Coaching Education Program in Colombia
Email: nuevodia26@hotmail.com


Ms. Carolina Vera Vera
Country: Suriname
Sport: Tennis
National Tennis Coach
Project Title: Simultaneous Development and Implementation of an Education Curriculum in Strength & Conditioning for Facilitators and Coaches
Email: carovera@yahoo.com

Mr. Ibrahim Yahuza
Country: Nigeria
Sport: Taekwondo
Head Coach
Project Title: Development of Elite Taekwondo Program in Nigeria
Email: kanotaekwondo@yahoo.com

Ms. Yu Fang Yuan
Country: Malaysia
Sport: Athletics
National Athletics Coach
Project Title: Establishment of Grass-Root Athletic Development Model for Malaysia
Email: roserose7878@yahoo.com