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George WatsonGeorge H. Watson holds a Ph.D. in Physics and is the Unidel Professor of Physics at the University of Delaware; he is currently the Deputy Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at UD. He serves as the principal investigator of the National Science Foundation GK-12 Project "Improvement of Science Education in Vocational Technical High Schools through Collaborative Learning and Coteaching".

George is director and founding member of the Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education, created by UD to promote reform of undergraduate education through faculty development and course design. He has been a member of several organizing committees for international problem-based learning conferences, including PBL2002, hosted by the University of Delaware, PBL2006, PBL2008, and PBL2010.  He has been supported by a NSF DUE grant for development of PBL curricula for introductory physics and be ALO/USAID funding for a project on science education reform in Peru through PBL.

George’s physics research has been in experimental condensed matter physics and laser spectroscopy, funded by NSF in the areas of optically-disordered random media, photon localization, and photonic band structure measurements, particularly in colloidal crystals.

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Contact: ghw@udel.edu