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Richard DonhamRichard Donham holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Washington and is Senior Science Education Associate for the Mathematics & Science Education Resource Center at the University of Delaware. The Center provides professional development for in-service teachers and serves as a coordinating unit for University efforts to assist science and math education in the state.  For more than a decade, Richard has been involved in middle and high school science curricular development and implementation at the state level. He also collaborates with other faculty to provide graduate level courses that fortify middle school and high school teachers understanding of science so they can be more effective in the classroom. With a secondary position in the Department of Biological Sciences, Richard also teaches biology to undergraduate elementary education majors and is a leader in the use of inquiry pedagogies, particularly problem-based learning (PBL). He consults and provides workshops nationally and internationally on the use of PBL in the undergraduate curriculum. In addition to his involvement with the National Science Foundation GK-12 project, is a Co-PI on an NSF Teacher Professional Continuum Grant and collaborates with the College of Engineering on an NSF grant to provide immersion research experiences for high school science and math teachers. 

Contact: donham@udel.edu