Faculty and Staff

If you are a faculty or staff member, you too can establish a FLEX spending account.

With an initial deposit, you can enjoy purchasing power at all dining locations, the University Bookstore and YoUDee Shop, and University Box Offices, just to name a few places.

Imagine the convenience and knowing that you will always have that little extra close at hand!

The simplest method to ensure consistent funds in your FLEX account is to request payroll deduction (pdf). You may have as little as $5 a pay period continuously deducted. Or, you may want to utilize the optional limited deduction. For as few as six (6) or as many as 24 pay periods, you may have funds deducted. You select how long you wish to contribute, and how much, with a minimum total deduction of $100.

In addition to payroll deduction, employees of the University can opt to activate FLEX by using a Value Transfer Station (VTS), by making a deposit at one of many locations, or by transferring funds from any checking account via www.udel.edu/stupayment.

Payroll Deduction

If you are interested in payroll deduction, you can request a form from the UD1 FLEX Office in the Student Services Building, or you can download the pdf.

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