Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?
Flex is available to all current University of Delaware students, faculty and staff. For information on Department Flex cards, see www.udel.ed/ud1Flex/deptCards.html.

If I have a dining plan, can I still use Flex?
Absolutely. Flex may be used in addition to Meals and Points in all dining locations. And, if you are a student who is eligible for an optional meal plan, you may choose to fund a Flex account instead.

Can I make other deposits (after I activate my card)?
Certainly. Additional deposits may be made as follows:

  • Transfer funds from your checking account at any bank using the University Student Financial Services Web site at
  • At least $5 at any self serve VTS (except in Morris Library, where $1 deposits are accepted), or
  • By cash or check at the following locations:
    • By mail or in person at Cashiers or in the outside drop box at the Student Services Building ($25 minimum)

How do I close my account?
Once opened, your Flex account will continue from semester to semester as long as you are enrolled at or employed by the University. However, if necessary, your Flex account may be closed, either in person at the Service Desk in the Student Services Building or via e-mail request to the Flex office.

What if I lose my card?
To prevent unauthorized use of your card report the loss immediately by calling 302-UD1-CARD (831-2273) or by going to the ID CARD office in the Student Services Building.

How much money should I keep in my Flex account?
While we do not know how much money exactly you will need in your Flex account, we can tell you what factors to consider:

  • The structure of your meal plan and whether you will need to supplement your Meals and Points
  • How often you are likely to do laundry in the residence halls
  • If you are likely to have class-related fees
  • Whether or not you will be paying for parking with Flex
  • How often you are likely to take advantage of any of the other services or facilities on campus that accept Flex

If I have more questions?
Call 302-UD1-CARD (831-4033)
or Contact Us via email

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