Secure UD

Secure UD News: October 2017

Secure UD is the University of Delaware's comprehensive, community-oriented information security initiative. Raising awareness of cyber issues equips and empowers the University community to make informed, security-conscious decisions in their personal and work lives.


NCSAM helps improve and reward security awareness

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To celebrate this collaborative effort alongside over 600 other organizations nationwide, the University is offering new Secure UD Training, weekly UDaily articles about how cybersecurity impacts your life, and prize drawings for those who demonstrate commitment to our community's security.

Throughout this month, you can automatically earn chances to win a NCSAM prize just for practicing good cyber hygiene. Employees can earn up to two chances to win NCSAM prizes:

Winners will be drawn during the IT Tech Fair on November 15. In the meantime, follow UDaily for new security articles every week, and take this opportunity to strengthen your security habits.

Take action! Demonstrate your commitment to our community's security and earn chances to win NCSAM prizes by completing your Secure UD Training and reporting phishing emails.


Phase II of 2017 Secure UD Training becoming available this week

To coincide with NCSAM, the University is releasing Phase II of 2017 Secure UD Training this week.

Employees enrolled in Secure UD Training will receive an email from when their new Phase II training becomes available. Anyone who would like extended access to Phase I training modules may complete a module request form.

You can earn a chance to win one of several NCSAM prizes by completing your Phase II training before the end of October.

You can log in to and complete your training through the Secure UD website.

Take action! Complete Phase II of your 2017 Secure UD Training this month for a chance to win one of several NCSAM prizes.


Protecting your computer

Your work and personal computers are gateways to your digital life. They help you work, stay connected through social media, save your vacation photos, manage your finances, shop, and more. As a result, you use computers to access and manage your most important and sensitive work and personal accounts and data. Computers are also gateways into the University network and the internet.

When malware or other cyberthreats compromise your computer, it can be more than just a minor inconvenience. This kind of incident can also put your personal and work information and accounts, as well as the data and devices of other network users, at risk. As good cybercitizens, we all share the responsibility to ensure our computers are secure.

Fortunately, securing your computer is simpler than you may think. Although computers are a top security risk, the risk can be managed using a few essential security features that are built into most computers.

Employees who are interested in having these features automated and managed for their work computers may contact IT ( or 302-831-6000).

You can learn more about protecting your computer—as well as your mobile devices, your data, and yourself—with Secure UD Essentials.

Take action! Check to make sure your computer's security settings are enabled, or contact IT if you're interested in having these settings managed for your work computer.


"Take a BITE out of phish!"

The Secure UD "Take a BITE out of phish!" campaign is an ongoing phishing awareness enhancement to Secure UD Training. Each month, a randomly-selected sample of employees will be presented with a harmless test phish that mimics the real attacks being launched against the University community. The tests are non-punitive, but employees are strongly encouraged to treat all suspicious emails as potentially dangerous.

Take a BITE out of phish:

Think you can spot real and test phishing emails? Report suspicious emails by forwarding them to Your vigilance helps Secure UD.

Forward October's test phish to to automatically earn a chance to win one of several NCSAM prizes!

Annotated versions of test phish and real phishing attacks are posted to the Secure UD Threat Alerts blog.

Department heads may request phishing tests of their units, as well as Secure UD Training reports for their units, by emailing

Take action! Forward October's test phish to for a chance to win one of several NCSAM prizes.