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Quantitative Biology
at the University of Delaware

Undergraduate Research

Laura Sloofman takes first place in the HHMI summer research symposium.  The first place award is sponsored by Sigma Xi, the scientific research society, and includes a $100 cash prize and a year's membership in the honorary society.

Laura Sloofman is a Quantitative Biology major, our newest interdisciplinary program designed in close collaboration between faculty in Mathematical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Chemical Engineering, and offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences in collaboration with the Department of Biological Sciences.

Johnson and PippinsZariel Johnson and Kelly Pippins are conducting undergraduate research on interspecific competition between two native bird species: The House Wren and the Bewick's Wren. They are developing a mathematical model for the competition between the two species based on data retrieved from the North American Breeding Birds Survey in order to describe and predict changes in population of the two bird species.