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ASCII is plain text with no formatting applied. Pronounced "as-key".
An attachment is a separate file that accompanies an e-mail message. The recipient should be informed that an attachment is included with the message. Also, the recipient's computer must have a program that can handle the file format of the accompanying file.
A browser is a program that presents web pages to you on your computer. Popular web browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, and Safari. AOL has its own browser program for its service customers.
Browser-based refers to additional functionality that can be performed within a web page. For instance, a browser-based e-mail service (like UD's Webmail Direct) operates within your web browser and does not require any additional programs.
ECCE is a colloquial term for the University of Delaware. It's the test you need to pass before getting you UD e-mail and web account activated. It stands for Electronic Citizenship Computer Exam and not coincidentally ecce is also Latin for something or other. For more info, visit UD's ECCE help page.
HTML is the code for web pages, as well as the web page file format. HTML can include layout, images, links, and typography. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, but everyone uses the acronym instead.
Information design
Information design is "clarifying your communication goals and arranging your ideas into a design that serves those goals." Source: Interactivity by Design by Ray Kristof and Amy Satran.
File format
A file format is an important indicators about the true nature of a computer file. These are also called file name extensions and are in the form of a period followed by 3 or 4 characters. Some commonly found examples are
Microsoft Word file format
web page file format
(Adobe Acrobat) Portable Document File
Microsoft PowerPoint file format
plain text file format
Microsoft Excel file format
Netiquette is "a combination of the words 'network' and 'etiquette,' and is an informal code of manners governing online conduct." Source: SBC Yahoo! Help.
PDF is a file format, also known as an Adobe Acrobat file, that allows you to view the content produced by a computer program which you may not own. For instance, a Microsoft Excel file saved in PDF format can be opened by Adobe Acrobat Reader on a computer that does not have Microsoft Excel installed. To open PDF files, be sure to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. PDF stands for Portable Document Format.
Short for virtual Card (also called electronic card), vCard is a specification that defines the format of an "Electronic Business Card." vCards are often attached in e-mail messages, but can also be exchanged through other ways on the World Wide Web. Usually a vCard will contain a business name, address, phone number, URL, logo and other business information. In 1996, the Internet Mail Consortium took on responsibility for the development and promotion of vCard.
XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a World Wide Web Constortium initiative that allows information and services to be encoded with meaningful structure and semantics that computers and humans can understand. XML is great for information exchange, and can easily be extended to include user-specified and industry-specified tags.












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