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There is unambiguous need for the discovery and development of innovative technologies to improve the delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents in the body. There is no single test that can accurately diagnose cancer. Nanotechnology is positively impacting a part of nearly every industry including healthcare.

The “next generation” of therapies must be able to deliver drugs, therapeutic proteins to focal areas of disease or to tumors to maximize clinical benefit while limiting untoward side effects. The use of nanoscale technologies to design novel drug delivery systems and devices is a rapidly developing area of biomedical research that promises breakthrough advances in therapeutics and diagnostics.

This conference will bring together international experts to design, develop and evaluate nanoconstructs for early detection, delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents, and address the most challenging issues of health science. Participants, as research enablers, will focus on the domains of nanomedicine in drug delivery and the latest nanotechnology-based approaches for cancer diagnosis.

Official Journal of the conference
International Journal of Green Nanotechnology

What will be covered?

The conference will cover the wide spectrum of the Nanomedicine in Drug Delivery and Cancer Diagnosis. The topics focus on the relationship between physiochemical properties of the nanosystems and their biomedical applications. Highlighted topics include:

  • Principles of nanomedicine, including basic and applied research.
  • Nanotechnological advances and their potential medical applications
  • Benefits of nanomedical tools versus traditional techniques
  • Therapeutic applications of nanotechnology and nanomaterial.
  • Drug delivery using nanoparticles