Courses Search Listing Help

UD provides a Courses Search to locate classes offered each term. Colleges and departments may generate listings of courses using the courses search data. For example, see the courses for the current and upcoming terms for the College of Health Sciences. Or, you might list courses for a department -- see the courses for the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. The courses search data is only available for current or upcoming terms. Feel free to use course listings on your web site rather than using manually maintained, unofficial course lists.

Creating a course listing

In order to create a custom list of your courses, you must build a URL. The general syntax for a summary course listing is as follows:

You must provide a term and one other permameter, but there is no limit on the number of additional parameters. Use the format &param=value to add as many parameters as you need.

Course parameters & values

Academic requirement parameters & values

Obtains the list of courses which are designated as one of these requirements.

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