IMSL Computational Technology Toolkit

The IMSL Computational Technology Toolkit (CTT) is installed on Strauss (but not Copland). Each version consists of online documentation, libraries, and include files for Fortran and C programmers. The package is designed to assist programmers writing mathematical and statistical software. A program using CTT can be as short as a simple function call followed by a report of the results, or as involved as a large program with many options and subroutines.

This documentation describes how to access CTT on Strauss. In addition, it describes how you might configure your UNIX account to create a more productive work environment when programming with CTT. You are not required to follow these suggestions. However, they are strongly recommended because they minimize the typing needed to use CTT's features. In addition, this documentation generally assumes that you have made the suggested configuration changes.

A guide to the CTT libraries