Documentation for IMSL's CTT

The document IMSL Computational Technology Toolkit contains an overview of CTT and information on its use that should be read prior to reading this document.

Documentation on the current version of CTT

The online CTT documentation is a collection of Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files containing all the CTT manuals. After setting up your UNIX account as described in the above document, you can view the CTT documentation by typing

acroread $CTT_DIR/help/imsl.pdf
If you have configured your UNIX account as suggested above, you can instead type

If you are not using an X Windows server (e.g., an SunRay terminal or a Microsoft Windows system running XMING), you can view the documentation by downloading the PDF files. Use ftp to transfer these files from the $CTT_DIR/help directory to your PC's hard drive, and use a local copy of Acrobat Reader to view the files.

Additional documentation available on the Web

Visual Numerics, Inc. provides the additional online documentation Online Documentation Index at their corporate website. Look for manuals on "IMSL Thread Safe Fortran Numerical Library," and "IMSL C Numerical Library Version 5.0."

The NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) Web site provides another valuable information tool, the Guide to Available Mathematical Software (GAMS) server. The GAMS server helps you find documentation and examples for all FNL routines by name. It also has a decision tree that guides you to appropriate routines from CTT as well as other mathematical and statistical libraries.

Finally, HotGAMS, NIST's Java interface to GAMS, is accessible from any system that has a Java appletviewer installed. For example, from Strauss, you would type

appletviewer &