Posc/Uapp 815

Data Sets

For Assignments and Examples

You can find copies of data used for examples or assignments. To retrieve them go to the "page" containing the data and then from the file menu select "Save as..." Or, place the pointer over the name and click the left mouse button and select "Save link as."

Data for Fall 2000

Comparative Education Example

Maryland-Delware-New Jersey Data

  • Pennslyvania County Data

    City Infant Mortality and Crime Rates data.

    Per Capita energy Consumption in 50 US States

    Percent of Housing Units Without Telephones, 1994

    Number of Federal Employees, 1920 to 1985

    Right to work data from Carneige Mellon University Stat Lab used in Class 15 Notes.

    Boston "Cities" Data

    Limited Version of Boston "Cities" Data

    State Public Expenditures

    Surgical Procedures Data used in Class 18

    Various Cross-national Social and Economic Indicators

    Posc/Uapp 816 Sample data from Class 4:

    Posc/Uapp 816 "Religon and Politics Data"

    Age and Height Datafor Posc/Uapp 816 - Class 9

    Smoking and Cancer Data for Posc/Uapp 816Class 11 - A and Assignment 6.

    Vote for Perot in 1992 in three states.

    Crime and Social-economic data for 67 Florida Counties

    Turnout in presidential elections, 1824 to 1996.

    California House Members