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Delaware Records Committee

George Armistead
Bruce Peterjohn (President)
Nick Pulcinella
Frank Rohrbacher (Secretary)
Bob Rufe

The records committee is charged with maintaining the Delaware State List of Bird Species, which consists of all bird species accepted as having been observed in Delaware. They also maintain the Delaware Review List, which are those birds for which the committee requests documentation from the observer.

NEW! Summary of Completed Reviews
An index of all of the records reviewed by the committee that form the basis for these state lists.

The following list is a summary of the records reviewed during the year 2002-2003 by the Delaware Records Committee. Sabine's Gull, Garganey and Pine Grosbeak are new species added to the Delaware State List of Bird Species bringing the list to 390 as of September 1, 2003. Unaccepted records have a very brief note as to the reason for non-acceptance; by far the most common explanation is lack of sufficient detail in the description to positively and diagnostically identify the claimed species. More detailed discussions of all these records will be published in the 2003 DOS Ornithologist.

Accepted Records

DBRC# Date Species Location Reporters
Feb-36 12/20/1991 Eared Grebe Indian River Inlet Bruce Peterjohn
Feb-32 11/14/2002 American White Pelican Fowler Beach Ed Sigda
Jan-49 12/24/01-1/1/02 Great White Heron Taylorís Gut Maurice Barnhill, Mary Gustafson, Frank Rohrbacher
28-Jan 6/9/2001 Little Egret Bombay Hook NWR Mary Scott, Colin Campbell
14-Feb 7/2-4/02 White Ibis Gordonís Pond SP Matt Hafner, Frank Rohrbacher
18-Feb 7/26/2002 White Ibis Rt. 9/Hangmanís Bridge Bruce Peterjohn
19-Feb 8/8/2002 White Ibis Bombay Hook NWR Frank Rohrbacher
9-Mar 4/19/2003 White Ibis Ted Harvey WMA Aaron Barriger, John Barriger
14-Mar 6/1-7/03 White Ibis Delaware City Adam Dudley, Frank Rohrbacher
20-Jan 12/30/1983 Fulvous Whistling-Duck Silver Lake Bill Fintel
98/10 4/24-25/76 Garganey Bombay Hook NWR Paul Dumont, Maurice Barnhill, Jay Lehman
Jan-48 11/4/01-3/10/02 Tufted Duck Spring Lake Frank Rohrbacher
22-Jan 5/10-11/90 Yellow Rail Bombay Hook NWR David Shoch
20-Feb 8/5-6/02 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Bombay Hook NWR Michael Smith, Larry Lewis, Jeff Gordon
29-Feb 11/10/2002 Red Phalarope Bombay Hook NWR Bill Schreitz, Laura Roland
12-Mar 5/17/2003 Red Phalarope Broadkill Beach Road Shirley Graff, Larry Graff, Anthony Gonzon, Bruce Peterjohn
25-Jan 5/16/1983 Sabineís Gull Cape Henlopen SP Bill Fintel
31-Jan 5/30/1977 Roseate Tern Cape Henlopen SP Jay Lehman
Jan-44 7/22/89-8/9/89 White-winged Tern Little Creek WMA Dave Czaplak, Norm Holgerson
24-Jan 5/18/01-2/23/02 Eurasian Collared-Dove Selbeyville Irene Goverts, Frank Rohrbacher, Chip Krilowicz, Eric Braun
1-Feb 12/29/01-1/6/02 Western Kingbird Cedar Swamp WMA Betsy Frey, Alison Ellicott, Mary Gustafson, Colin Campbell, Michael Smith, Paul Lehman, Nick Pucinella, Matt Hoberg
3-Feb 12/29/2001 Northern Shrike Island Farm Road Mary Gustafson, Frank Rohrbacher
27-Feb 10/27/02-11/3/02 Le Conteís Sparrow Bombay Hook NWR Al Guarente, Shirley Graff, Larry Graff, Frank Rohrbacher
24-Jan 11/18/1983 Pine Grosbeak Newark Vivian Ross
Records Not Accepted
DBRC# Date Species Location Reason
17-Feb 7/24/2002 Blue-footed Booby South Bethany Beach Insufficient detail to rule out alternatives
26-Feb 10/12/2002 Magnificent Frigatebird Cape Henlopen SP Accepted as Fregata species
13-Feb 2/1/2002 White-cheeked Pintail Taylorís Gut Accepted for species/rejected for origin
98/17 4/13/2002 Mew Gull Kenton Insufficient detail to rule out alternatives
23-Feb 3/13/2002 Yellow-legged Gull Cherry Island Landfill Insufficient detail to rule out alternatives


You are encouraged to submit records of unusual sightings in Delaware to Frank Rohrbacher, DRC Secretary, 5 Neva Court, Wilmington, DE 19810 by regular or e-mail. Detailed descriptions and any sketches, no matter how crude, are important for documenting rare state birds particularly for difficult to identify species. Good quality photographs and sound recordings are especially helpful.


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