Marketing and the Internet

This class was taught in the Spring 1997 semester. The information will not be updated unless this class is taught again...Alex (Actually now I am teaching electonic commerce (is there a difference??)...anyway, here is the first version

The following is course information for a new elective, Marketing and the Internet.
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Class meets Tuesdays, 7PM 'till 10 PM in Purnell 022.

Last Updated: May 6, 1997
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Course Description

Technological change has provided businesses with tremendous opportunities for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of many activities. This course is designed to expose the student to the many ways in which basic business functions can be enhanced through effective use of information technology. The area of emphasis will be Marketing and the Internet.

This course will require the prerequisite of BUAD301, Introduction to Marketing. It assumes a basic knowledge of the Internet (Email etc). Look at Demystifying the Internet for an internet overview.

The course will evaluate the recent growth of the Internet and how this has effected the field of Marketing. The course will look at the current state and future projections and issues.

Here are some similar classes on WWW.

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Projects and Assignments

Students will be involved in developing a number of individual assignments and group projects.

Individual assignments include:

  1. Send a personal bio to the class news group within the first week explaining background and interests.
  2. Develop a resume to be posted on WWW.
  3. Develop a business web-page that looks at information gathered from the web focusing on a particular type of business (a resource guide for that type of business).
  4. A company analysis, a choice of:

Group project:

Students will be assigned a group based on their bio posted to the news group.

The group project will be to develop a web-site for a local company. This will include:

  1. Needs assessment
  2. Identify target audience
  3. WWW mission statement
  4. Objectives for the web-site
  5. Assess the domain of information required
  6. Develop a working web-site
  7. Client presentation
This project will take the entire semester, and the classes will be structured around developing this project. The classes will be broken into two parts. The first part of class will discuss Internet issues, see the session headings. The second part of class will focus on web design and development techniques etc.

Access the projects and assignments page for more detail.
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Contact Information

Instructor: Alex L. Brown
Telephone: (302) 831-4596
Office: 109 Purnell Hall
Newark, DE 19716
Office Hours: By appointment
WWW Homepage:
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