Marketing and the Internet, Ezine

This class Ezine will be used to publish internet conversations with "outside" speakers. I have used Email to pose questions to certain WWW marketing professionals. These question and answer sessions are then published in this Ezine. You should review each Q&A session, and make relevant comments to our news group.
  1. A conversation with Raymond Paulick, Editor-in-Chief of the BloodHorse
    The BloodHorse is a magazine that targets the North American Thoroughbred Racing Industry. It is essentially the trade publication for that industry. The BloodHorse recently developed a web-site to complement its regular weekly edition. The site development is discussed.
    Updated as of Wednesday, April 16
  2. A conversation with Jeff Seger, new Media Analyst, L.L. Bean
    Jeff Seger discusses some of the issues behind the development of the LL Bean site.
    Updated as of Tuesday, April 15
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