UD Groups Working on Grid-Integrated Vehicles and Vehicle-to-Grid Power

Pictured below are the teams working on different aspects of GIV and V2G technology and policy:

Policy, Partnerships, System Analysis. Develop policies, write model legislation, work with legislators and advocates to enact law. Develop industrial and academic partners, work with partners to accomplish joint objectives.
Analyze operation of GIV vehicles and large-scale systems, including impact on ISOs and high-penetration renewables planning. Primarily located in the UD College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment.

Policy, Partnerships, System Analysis group: (Top row, from left to right) Jon Lilley, Nathaniel Pearre. (Bottom row, from left to right) Sachin Kamboj, Jacqueline Piero, Willett Kempton, Jo Huxster, Scott Baker. Photo Credit (c) UD 2010
New members as of 2012 (not in photo): Jean Brodeur, Brandon Budenz, and Nicole Suto.

Electrical Engineering. Design, test and implement hardware for electric vehicle supply equipment and on-board communications.
Analyze and extend national and international standards for communications via electric supply equipment. Located in the UD Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Electrical Engineering Group: (Back row, left to right) Corey Lange, Furkan Cayci, Stephen Janansky, Joshua Marks, Rodney McGee. (Front row, left to right) Nicholas Waite, Fouad Kiamilev. Photo credit (c) UD 2010.
New member as of 2012 (not in photo): Elpinki Iosifidou Apostolaki.

Software Systems. Design algorithms for a coalition of vehicles to provide large-scale electrical power services, and for vehicles to learn and predict driving needs. Implement in-vehicle and server software.
Implement communication protocols with ISOs, generators, and other electric power entities. Primarily located in the UD Department of Computer and Information Sciences.

Software Systems group: (from left to right) Li Liao, Keith Decker, Keith Trnka, Sachin Kamboj and Colin Kern.(c) UD 2010

Economics and Marketing. Survey consumers regarding attributes of plug-in vehicles at varying price levels. Calculate consumer value of plug-in vehicles and of the ability to sell V2G services.
Study markets for electric vehicles with V2G attributes. Located in both the Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics, and the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment.

Economics and Marketing Group: (From left to right) George Parsons, Willett Kempton, Michael Hidrue, Jon Lilley, Meryl Gardner. Photo credit (c) UD 2010

Mechanical Engineering
. Design and testing of battery and fuel cell systems for energy storage in vehicles. Initial implementations of V2G controls in battery and fuel-cell vehicles. Also host of the UD Electric Vehicle Club. Located in the UD Department of Mechanical Engineering.

(Photograph unavailable at this time)