Related Web Sites

Center for Carbon-free Power Integration - Our UD Center home for V2G research.

Mid Atlantic Grid Interactive Cars Consortium (MAGICC) - Consortium of which we are a part, and which includes core partners from the electric, automotive, and communications industries.

AC Propulsion - Designs vehicle power electronics; is already selling units with V2G built-in. This web site also has additional technical analysis of V2G.

CARB ZEV Program - California's Zero-Emission Vehicle program.

EDTA - Electric Drive Transportation Association; links to many other sites.

EV World - High-quality, free summary of EV news. Additional information by subscription.

EV World - "The World of Electric, Hybrid & Fuel Cell Vehicles"; links to interviews on V2G with Alec Brooks and Willett Kempton.

Nikola Project - An R&D project implementing GIVs on the Danish Power system.

Offshore Wind Power - The answer to "But where will we get the electricity to power these grid-connected cars?"

Plug- in America - Plug-in center page from Advanced Vehicle Innovations, with many links to plug-in vehicle projects.

V2G 101- is a book written by Len Beck of Delmarva Power. It is a good introduction to electric vehicles and V2G.

Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia entry for "Vehicle to grid"; we do not endorse all of their statements but it gives a basic definition and more links

Willett Kempton - Kempton's faculty web site. Experts at the University of Delaware.

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