Conventional View V2G Concept Q&A


Q: Does a GIEV generate electricity?
A: No, a GIEV is always a net load to the system over time. It has to charge a battery before it can
delivery that same energy, minus conversion losses, back to the grid.
Q: Do vehicles contain enough power to be useful to the electric system?
A: Yes, the GIEVs being produced in Delaware will have the ability to charge or discharge at a
capacity of 19 kW. That is about the average power consumption of 12 U.S. homes.
Q: Are GIEVs safe to connect to the grid?
A: Ultimately, electric utilities certify the connection of GIEVs. Typically, a utility will ensure that
GIEVs meet IEEE and/or UL safety standards for back-feeding electricity. These same requirements
are used for distributed generation such as solar PV and small scale wind turbines.
Q: How do GIEVs communicate with the electric system?
A: GIEVs can communicate with systems operators, aggregators, or electric utilities via a variety of
communications pathways. Currently, the GIEVs produced in Delaware communicate over a hard-
wired Internet connection incorporated into the plug.

Q: How will GIEVs participate in wholesale energy markets?
A: GIEVs will be aggregated together as one electric power resource so that grid operators don’t
have to interact with thousands of vehicles. An aggregator will monitor different energy markets
and bid into those markets according to their aggregated vehicles’ available capacity and market

Q: How many jobs will GIEVs create in Delaware?
A: Currently, these vehicle can be produced in Delaware at the rate of 300 per year by AutoPort,
Inc. in New Castle. One hundred and twenty-two (122) direct and indirect jobs are created in
Delaware by producing and implementing 300 GIEVs per year.

Q: If electric vehicles are range-limited already, why should I allow someone to
discharge my battery?
A: GIEVs will have a controller that allow the vehicle owner to limit the amount of battery
discharge to ensure they can meet the range needed for their next driving event.
Q: How much can I expect to be paid for providing energy services each year?
A: The amount of revenue generated each year is dependent on the energy market and the
amount of time a vehicle owner is available to provide V2G. The yearly gross revenue generated
can be between $1,000 - $5,000