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Subscribe to UD computer management

This is an essential security practice.

It's sometimes difficult to keep track of all the updates your computer needs and what settings you should enable or disable to stay secure. The University offers a computer management service to help automate these processes for employees. This service is offered both by central IT and by individual units. Check with your unit to see if its computer management options are customized to suit your needs.

The University's computer management service is only used to keep your computer up to date, scan for malware, and perform other basic security and configuration functions. It is not used to spy on employees' files or activity. If you have questions or concerns about service offerings, contact the IT Support Center for more information.


University-owned or operated computers must be centrally managed by either IT or the unit responsible for that computer. Employees should contact their unit IT professional for assistance with computer management enrollment.

Computer management services typically include

The computer management service is not used to monitor user activity or read user files.

Management of a specific computer function does not necessarily exclude user involvement. For example, a user with a demonstrated need for administrator account access may retain that access on a managed system.