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Policies and Forms
We hope this guide will be of use to you as you navigate the sponsored research policies and procedures at the University of Delaware. The Research Office is here to help you fund, obtain, and manage your sponsored research funding. These policies are provided in various formats such as standard html, Microsoft Word, and PDF format as indicated. Click here to download Acrobat Reader.
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""Conflict of Interest
Policies & Procedures
Conflict of Interest Procedures
Conflict of Interest Policy (UD Policy 6-11)

The conflict of interest form is now available as a UD Web routing form. Please click on the link below, and login using your UD NetID and password. Look for "Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form" under the tab "Blanks".
Click here for Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
""Contracts & Grants Management
Policies & Procedures
72-Hour Policy for Processing Research Proposals
Budget Revision for Sponsored Awards
Consulting Policy for Faculty and Professional
Cost Share Policy
Cost Transfer Policy
Delegated Authority
Effort Certification
Equipment (Class I Movable Equipment) Policy
Equipment Cost-Share Guideline
Equipment Cost-Share Policy
Equipment Screening Policy
External Grants
Federal Regulation A-21
Fly America and Open Skies Travel
    — Fly America Open Skies Agreement
    — FAQ's
    — Fly America Waiver Checklist
General University Research and Professional Development
General University Research Program (GUR)
Gifts or Sponsored Agreements pdf document
Graduate Tuition Policy
Grants Management Guide Application Guidepdf document
Letter of Intent pdf document pdf document
Limited Term Faculty and Limited Term Professional Employees Benefits
Limited Term Researcher (Payroll and Systems Admin.)
Other Types of Agreements pdf document
Participant Support & Compensation pdf document
PI Eligibility Policy
Procedure for Control of Government-Owned Property
Proposal Approvals
Research Contracts and Grants Administration (Policy)
Research Fellowship Program
Research Involving Recombinant DN
Research Office Collection Procedure
Research Program Policies
Research/Scholarship Semester for Tenure-Track Assistant Professors
Senior Research Fellow
Space Needed for Externally Sponsored Agreements
Staff Involvement in Commercial Enterprises
Transfer of Equipment
Travel Reimbursements
University of Delaware Tips
University of Delaware Research Foundation (UDRF)
University of Delaware Research Foundation Program
University Procurement
University Procurement Card
Use and Disposal of University Equipment and Material

Account Closeout Check List word document   pdf document
Application for Federal Assistance SF 424 (R&R) Sample Form pdf document 
Consulting Agreements — Guidelines for Faculty and Professional word document   pdf document 
Debarment Statementpdf document 
Effort Reporting Template 
Fly America Waiver Checklist word document
Gifts or Sponsored Agreements Checklist pdf document
Grant Transfer Procedure Document with Hyperlinks pdf document
    — Transfer FROM UD checklist xls document
    — Transfer TO UD checklist xls document
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)Template word document
PI Approval Form xls document
Provider Category Determination Worksheet word document   pdf document 
Research Agreements
    — Research Agreement Options Document xls document
    — Standard Research Agreement xls document    xls document
    — Alternative Research Agreement xls document    xls document
Single Point of Contact (SPOC) form   word document   pdf document
Small Business Agreements
    — Small Research Innovative Business Agreement (SBIR) xls document
    — Small Business Technology Transfer Program Agreement(STIR) xls document
Sponsored Research Program Income Procedure & Routing Form word document
Standard Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement (Individual) word document 
Standard Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement (Institutional) word document
Standard Service Agreement word document   pdf document
Subrecipient Commitment Form pdf document 
    — Attachment 3B Subrecipient Contact pdf document
    — Attachment 3B Page 2 pdf document
UD FDP Letter of Intent word document  
""Material Transfer

Biological Safety

Biological Safety Policies & Procedures
Control of Biohazards in Research and Education
Biosafety Program
Bloodborne Pathogens

Biological Safety Forms
Biological Shipping Request pdf document 
Biological Registration word documentpdf document 
Biosafety Program Training Certificateword document pdf document
Hepatitis B Vaccine Declinationword document pdf document
Recombinant DNA Research Registrationword document pdf document


Chemical Hygiene

Chemical Hygiene Policies & Procedures
Chemical Waste Management
Chemical Hygiene Program
Hazardous Chemical Information
Hazardous Material Shipment/Transportation
Occupational Exposures to
Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories
Laboratory Inspection Guide

Chemical Hygiene Forms
Hazardous Chemical Safety Training
and Right-To-Know Certificationword document
pdf document 
Chemical Storage Information Request word document pdf document 
DOT Shipping Requestpdf document 
Lab Exit/Renovation/Decommissioning
Procedures and Checklist pdf document 
Laboratory Inspection Formword document pdf document 
Lab Sign Request Form word document pdf document 
Hydrofluoric Acid Principal Investigator Responsibility 
Hydrofluoric Acid User Authorizationword document pdf document
SOP for Working with Highly Toxic Materialsword document


Fire Prevention/Fire Protection

Fire Prevention/Fire Protection Policies & Procedures
Fire Prevention/Fire Protection Program
Fire Protection/Life Safety Equipment,
Design, Installation & Maintenance
Volunteer Fire Service
Open Flame Use Applicationword document pdf document
Pyrotechnics Clearanceword document pdf document

Fire Prevention/Fire Protection Forms
Fire Drill Memoword document pdf document
General Safety-Fire-Security Survey Checklistword document pdf document 


Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Policies & Procedures
Application for Analytical X-Ray Equipment Utilizationword document pdf document
Laser Utilization Registrationword document pdf document
Radiation Safety Program
Radioactive Material and Machines Capable of Producing Ionizing Radiation
Outdoor C-14 Incubation Record and Checklistword document pdf document 
Permit Supervisor Training Certification for X-Ray Workersword document pdf document
Radioactive Material Receipt, Use, and Disposalword document pdf document
Radioactive Material Requisition pdf document
Statement of Training and Experience
for Radioactive Material Usersword document
pdf document
Statement of Training and Experience for X-Ray Usersword document pdf document
Summary Report of Radioactive Material Use Aboard R/V Hugh R. Sharpword document pdf document

Radiation Safety Forms
Application for Radionuclide Utilizationword document pdf document
Application for Visiting Scientist to Use Radioactive Materialsword document pdf document
Instructions for Opening Radionuclide Shipmentsword document pdf document 
Permit Supervisor Training Certification for Radiation Material Usersword document pdf document 


Waste Management & Disposal

Waste Management & Disposal Policies & Procedures
Control of BioHazards in Research and Education - UD Policy
Chemical Waste Pick-Up Scheduling
Hazardous Chemical Information - UD Policy
Hazadarous Waste Disposal - UD Policy
Hazardous Waste Disposal - EHS
Infectious Waste Management - UD Policy
Infectious Waste Management - EHS
Occupational Exposures to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories
Radioactive Material and Machines Capable of Producing Ionizing Radiation - UD Policy
Transportation and Shipment of Biological Materials

Waste Management & Disposal Forms
Chemical Waste Pick-Up Request
Infectious/Biological Waste Pick-Up Request
Radioactive Waste Pick-Up Request


Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles Policies & Procedures
Commercial Driver's Policy -- Random Drug/Alcohol Testing
Driver's License Requirements and Verification
Motor Vehicle Regulations
Motor Vehicle Seat Belts and Shoulder Harnesses
University-Owned Motor Vehicles
University 12 to 15- Passenger/Extended Van Utilization


Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policies & Procedures
Abandoned, Found, Removed, or Unclaimed Property
Ambulance Service for University Employees
Asbestos Management
Building Floor Loading
Campus Emergency Management System
Campus Injuries and Illnesses
Confined Space Entry
Department Safety Committee
Design, Selection, Purchase and Installation of Intrusion Alarms and Security Monitoring Systems
Emergency Response/Fire -- Other Emergencies
Emergency Response and First Aid
Extension Cords
Facility Safety Equipment
First Aid Kits
Eye Protection Policy
Immunization Documentation
Industrial Hygiene Program
Lightning Safety for Outdoor Activities
Local Exhaust Ventilation Equipment
Lockout/Tagout, the Control of Hazardous Energy Sources
Materials That Could Present an Imminent Danger to Health and Safety
Medication and Drug Use and Distribution
Personal Protective Equipment
Policy for Safe Use and Storage of Compressed Gas Cylinders
Policy for Use of Pipettes
Possession and Use of Firearms on University Property
Protection of Potable Water Supply
Purchase and Safe Use of Refrigeration Units
Removal of Dangerous Material
Respiratory Protection
Right-To-Know Programs
Safety Education
Safety Policy
Safety Responsibilities During Laboratory Principal Investigator Leaves/Absences
Secondary Phone Lines
Skateboard, Rollarskate/Blade, Scooter, and Bicycle Use
Storm Water Management
Underground Storage Tank Management

Health & Safety Forms

""Unmanned Aircraft Systems / Drones (UAS):

Policies & Procedures


The University of Delaware (UD) supports University employees’ operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) as part of research and instructional activities in fulfillment of their University duties. Such uses shall be conducted under the auspice of the UD UAS policy, and be submitted for approval using the University’s Application for Authorization (Application) found at Applications are to be submitted to the UD Campus & Public Safety Office (CPSO) at

Descriptions of research- or instructional-based UAS uses provided in Applications should be as detailed as possible with respect to dates, personnel, and schedules. It is understood that exact specifics for research or instructional activities may be difficult to provide (or may change), in which cases the best plans/projections should be provided. Given the nature of research or instructional UAS usages, the CPSO will work with the UD Research Office (RO) and Principal Investigators (PIs) to expedite such Applications, as needed. PI requests to expedite Applications should be called to the attention of, and coordinated with, the UD RO in addition to the UD CPSO.

Research or instructional activities that have a likelihood of experiencing deviations from their initial UD-approved Applications, should be characterized and flagged as such by PIs in their initial Applications. Note that such deviations normally result from 1) unforeseen UAS deployments that are in response to natural-occurring events/disasters, or 2) modifications to schedules and/or operator designations required to accommodate course deliveries.

With the actual occurrences of deviations from UD-approved UAS deployments, PIs remain responsible for ensuring that effort activities remain consistent, to the extent possible, with the initial UD-approved Applications. All deviations from initial UD-approved Applications must be documented via electronic mail within 72 hours of the events’ completions. Electronic mailings must be sent, by the PIs, to the CPSO at and the RO at All operators and operations involved in UD-approved Applications which have been modified subsequent to UD-approval, must remain compliant with FAA regulations, and state and federal laws.

Questions regarding the use of UAS for research and instructional applications should be directed to the RO at