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Institutional Statement

As a community of scholars, we at the University of Delaware reaffirm our commitment to the invaluable role that research plays in our world and the limitless opportunities it presents for our future.

The well-being and advancement of our society depend on the never-ending pursuit of knowledge, achieved through open inquiry and the free exchange of ideas. This journey of discovery is at the heart of our University, where tomorrow’s solutions begin with today’s research and scholarship. We are dedicated to cultivating and supporting a research ethos that encompasses every academic discipline, engages diverse perspectives and serves to build communities that are thriving, resilient and innovative.

This long tradition of seeking truth and acting upon it has propelled our nation to new heights of technological achievement, environmental improvements, cultural understanding, advancements in health, global impact and productivity. Our mission as one of the nation’s premier research universities is to create knowledge and develop solutions to society’s grand challenges. As we educate the next generation of leaders — scientists, artists, teachers, humanists, entrepreneurs and public servants — our sustained commitment to research is critical to realizing our shared vision for a better world.


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