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Dr. Charles Riordan

Dr. Charles G. Riordan, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research,
      Scholarship & Innovation

Our mission is to advance high-quality research and scholarship at UD by promoting an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, community, and commitment to the highest ethical values.

We serve as an advocate for UD scientists as they pursue research sponsored by governmental and non-governmental agencies. Our staff help ensure compliance with all policies and procedures associated with the responsible conduct of research, foster the transfer of inventions and technologies into commercially marketable products, and assist in communicating UD research achievements to the public.

A complementary mission of the office is to support the education of graduate students and undergraduate students through challenging academics and the conduct of peer-reviewed, publishable research.

Here at UD, our faculty and students are making important discoveries as they work in well-equipped labs and at field sites in Delaware and around the globe. During the past decade, external funding for UD research steadily increased and now exceeds $138 million a year.

Image of Hullihen Hall

Hullihen Hall is the home of UD Research Office.